How to get good vision according to Bates

The main position of the theory of Bates is that the eye provides accommodation (the device of vision for seeing close or distant) by straining the muscles that surround it. The traditional ophthalmology, which was initiated by another physician Helmholtz, argues that in the process of vision the lens curvature and length of the eyeball change. Bates questioned this assumption and, based on his many years of research, concluded that the cause of all visual impairments is a person’s mental stress and stresses. At the same time, each type of accommodation anomaly (long-sightedness, myopia, astigmatism) has its own type of voltage.
Practically, the Bates method consists in relaxing the muscles of the eye, the whole body, and mental activity. Before practicing the exercises proposed by this great scientist, it is recommended to read his book How to Get Good Vision without Glasses.Knowing in detail the theoretical foundations of the method and the details of the research, you will gain additional motivation to practice and be able to follow its practical instructions more accurately.
The most famous and effective exercise is palming. Sit comfortably, straighten your back and not straining your neck. Rub your palms together to make them warm. Cross them at right angles. Put it on your eyes so that the base of the little fingers is on the bridge of the nose, the fingers are on the forehead, and the centers of the palms are directly opposite the eyes. To make it more convenient, put a pillow under your elbows or lie on a sofa with a pillow on your chest. Your arms, like your entire body, should be relaxed. Do not allow the light to penetrate through your hands, close your eyes. Holding your palm for a few minutes, you will notice that your eyes got a good rest.
Most of the remaining exercises are carried out under the palming and involve primarily the work of consciousness. If you cover your eyes with your palms, you will most likely see flickering dots, colors, and shapes - the optic nerves continue to work. Relaxing your body and presenting something pleasant will gradually notice that the background is blacker.It is necessary to achieve maximum blackness for complete relaxation of the eyes. To do this, evoke good memories in your mind, and if you cannot remember anything, just try to imagine black objects. Bates also suggested such a way to see blackness: remember first alternately several bright colors, then think about a white piece of chalk - it should appear in your mind on a black background.
Every morning, make turns in front of a window or wall. To do this, stand with your legs apart and shoulder-width apart, and turn your torso and head in different directions, lifting your heels off the floor. Your eyes should follow the turns of the neck, relaxed and not lingering on anything. This is a good eye relaxation exercise.
Bates believed that the sun has a healing effect on the eyes and came up with an exercise called "solarization." Every day, expose the face to the sun, closing his eyes. Turn your head to the right and left so that the bright light moves from side to side.

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