How to get rid of dry skin

Blood circulation is disturbed, and the upper layer of the epidermis ceases to look healthy and elastic, the protective layers weaken, but this process can be stopped. First you need to develop a diet and day regimen. So how does the appearance depend on the state of the body?skin. Sleep should last at least eight hours. Because it is in a dream that regenerative processes take place best of all, and skin cells are renewed faster.
You can not use soap, becausedry�the skin is badly lacking fat. In the morning it is better to wash with cool water, and in the evening to cleanse the skin with milk. Creams are selected individually. For dry skin, it is best to choose regenerating and vitaminizing creams. They promote cell renewal and help stimulate metabolism, while the skin becomes elastic. After cleansing, the vitaminizing cream is applied on the face and rubbed with gentle movements into the skin. Use a nourishing day cream.Do not refuse a night cream at all.

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