How to get rid of hairs above lips

Try to pull out the hairs with ordinary tweezers, unless, of course, they are not very thick. You will spend a lot of time, but the result will be long. In the process of pulling out, “hemp” does not remain, therefore, the bristles do not appear after just a few days, as happens after shaving with a machine.
If you have an epilator, then try to remove the vegetation above the lip with it. As the device misses some hairs, remove them with tweezers. When using a quality epilator this may not happen.
Wax strips to some extent can be considered the best option. True, during the removal of hairs, pain is felt, but it can be endured, because the main thing is beauty. Apply a wax strip to the skin tightly, smooth well and abruptly remove. If part of the hair remains, repeat the procedure done again. After removing the vegetation above the upper lip, treat the skin with any antibacterial lotion, because irritation may occur.
Use depilatory cream if you have insensitive skin. Carefully apply it on the hairline, avoiding contact with the lips. Hold for a few minutes (written in the instructions for the tool used). Remove the cream with a spatula and rinse the skin, then wipe with an antibacterial agent and apply a moisturizer.
You can get rid of hair in the beauty salon. Contact any one that provides vegetation removal services. The master will select the best way for you, which will suit you both in price and quality.

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