How to get rid of leukocytes in the urine

Normal amountleukocyte countin the analysis of urine is not more than 6 in the field of view. And then, such indicators are allowed only for women and children. The reference value for men is only 0–3 leukocytes. It is often the case that the results of the analysis are unreliable because of a violation of the technology of collecting the sample or due to an error of the laboratory technician, therefore, with the slightest deviation of the result from the norm, urine should be reevaluated. kidney andurinebladder
If it is confirmed that the cause of leukocyturia is an infection of the upper or lower sectionsurinepathways, it will be necessary to begin treatment of the disease. Numberleukocyte countaturinewill return to normal as soon as the inflammatory process is neutralized. Treatment of infection consists in taking antibacterial drugs and drinking heavily, which helps to "wash"urineleading out.Also recommended a special diet, which consists in the exclusion of spicy and salty foods, as well as smoked meats, spices and preservatives. With an integrated approach to the disease, it is possible to eliminate leukocyturia after 7-10 days.
If it turns out that the cause of leukocyturia is kidney tuberculosis orurinebladder, specific anti-tuberculosis treatment is required. In mild cases of the disease, medical therapy is carried out, in severe cases, surgery is indicated. Treatment of kidney tuberculosis andurinebladder usually takes a long time, but with the right approach - the prognosis is favorable, therefore, to get rid ofleukocyte countaturinewith this diagnosis is possible.
If the cause of leukocyturia isurinestone disease, drug therapy is required, which will help to remove kidney stones.

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