How to get rid of psychological dependence on a brother or sister

How to get rid of psychological dependence on a brother or sisterWhere do evil gossips come from and how to get rid of psychological dependence on a brother or sister?

How difficult it is to get married successfully! What kind of problems do not expect a young wife!

The cyclothyme male necessarily goes on a spree, moreover he will squander money.

The epileptoid husband will press under his iron heel not only our Turgenev girl, but his entire kin from his wife.

You can't lure a schizoid husband out of the house and tear him away from the Internet.

The astenik husband will be sick all the time, complain about life and howl at the moon.

The hysteroid husband wants to throw off any responsibility and sees himself as a Hollywood star.


But that is not all. And if he has an Oedipus complex? Modern young girls, after reading psychological journals, fear the Oedipal complex more than the plague and cholera. Excessive love for mom scares them more than AIDS or genital herpes.But even they, wise by Freud, can see a new danger - an evil sister in law.


At first, everything seems to be good. The sister-in-law wants to be friends, spend time together. But only over time it becomes noticeable that her love for her brother is too strong, she loves him more than her own husband, and the kisses of her brother and sister conceal a sign hidden from everyone.

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