How to get rid of subcutaneous acne on the face?

Problem skin requires special care. How to get rid of nasty subcutaneous acne on the face.
Subcutaneous facial pimples: how to get rid of, photo
Getting rid of subcutaneous acne on the face
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Every girl at least once in her life faced such a problem as subcutaneous facial pimples. And although this disease in itself is not serious and dangerous, it can signal other problems in the body, and certainly spoil the mood of its bearer. It is quite simple to determine the subcutaneous pimple and distinguish it from the usual one - the Internet is replete with photos of girls with problem skin. The main thing - do not get involved in watching other people's symptoms and not be afraid that pimples settled on your face forever.

Causes of subcutaneous acne

Let's better find out how to get rid of subcutaneous acne in a short time, and for what reason have they appeared in your life? The causes may lie on the surface and be much deeper than we think.

Superficial causes include: failure to follow hygiene rules;

  • poor quality cosmetics;
  • violation of sebum secretion;

More serious reasons are:

  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • malfunction of the endocrine system;
  • use of certain drugs.

Ways to get rid

So, having considered the causes of the appearance of subcutaneous acne, we can proceed to ways to get rid of this scourge. It all depends on how much this problem bothers you. If you have already visited a doctor and found out that the problem lies on the surface, you can resort to one of two methods of treatment - medical or folk. Medical methods include ozone therapy and Elos-technology. Although they will require certain expenses, they are more likely to bring you a positive result.

If you decide to get rid of subcutaneous acne on your own, the following folk remedies will help you:

  • regular compresses from salt infusion;
  • chamomile or hypericum;
  • potato masks;
  • rubbing with lemon juice;
  • scrub from aspirin diluted with water and moxibustion with iodine.

It should be remembered that subcutaneous acne in no case can not push to avoid the appearance of scars. A treatment of folk remedies should be carried out carefully, after checking if you are allergic to iodine and herbal infusions.

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