How to get rid of wet armpits

You will need
  • - Apple vinegar;
  • - camphoric alcohol;
  • - salicylic alcohol;
  • - tea mushroom;
  • - Salvia officinalis.
After washing the armpits, it is recommended to wipe them with cider vinegar.
Camphor and salicylic alcohol also have a strong antibacterial and drying effect. It is recommended to wash the armpits 2 times a day and wipe them in turn with camphor and salicylic alcohol.
Traditional medicine recommends that simultaneously with external treatment to take an infusion of sage inside. Take two tablespoons of sage and brew them with 250 ml of boiling water, leave for 2 hours in a warm place and take half a cup in the morning and evening. The course of treatment is 3 weeks, then a week break and again the course.
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You should know that excessive sweating can be a sign of some infectious diseases. If the above measures have not helped to reduce sweating, you should probably refer to official medicine.
Helpful advice
Very much in the fight against excessive sweating depends on the clothes, which is located directly on the body. People with excessive sweating is contraindicated in clothing made of synthetic fibers, which prevents natural air exchange and moisture permeability.

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