How to give birth painlessly

Complete psychological training. Before the approximate delivery date, read the literature on breathing exercises, go to preparation courses for childbirth, and if possible, talk to a psychologist. Consider pain as a natural component of the generic process, as a result of which your long-awaited child will appear. According to the conclusions of psychologists, thanks to the relaxed consciousness, the body also automatically relaxes, therefore, with an advance self-training, the pain threshold will be much lower.
Choose the best posture for contractions: the recommendation of the World Health Organization says that the woman herself can choose a position in which she will be as comfortable as possible. Try to stand on all fours, lie on your side, crouch. If possible, take a shower before laboring to relax your muscles. Or, if the first contractions caught you at home, take a bath with warm water.
If possible, take any device that broadcasts music (at least a cell phone) into the prenatal ward and turn on the calm melody. If you are an adherent of aromatherapy, use aroma stimulation with ylang-ylang oil, jasmine, neroli or lavender to relieve pain symptoms. Or add a few drops of any of these oils to the massage cream and easily massage the abdomen with strong contractions.
Agree with your doctor about epidural anesthesia during labor. This is a modern, highly effective anesthetic method, the essence of which is to inject anesthetic into the spinal cord. As a rule, epidural anesthesia is done at the request of the parturient woman for a fee, while the anesthesiologist is present at birth. In addition to the main plus - painless childbirth - this method has several drawbacks, including the possible numbness of the limbs and back pain.

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