How to give birth to a child at home

You will need
  • contract with the maternity hospital, necessary documents, enema, warm bath with sea salt, towels, clean bed linen, first-aid kit, large gaskets, car at the entrance
Before you give birth at home, you must carefully prepare. Pay due attention to the choice of the obstetrician, because he controls the whole process of birth. The obstetrician must quickly react to the slightest complications of childbirth, which may occur at the mother, and send it to the pre-selected maternity hospital. To do this, it is better to conclude a contract with a medical institution. Make sure that without fail there is a car in front of the house that will take the woman to the hospital for emergency care.
The second stage of labor takes place in the bathroom in a squatting position. The midwife all this time looks at the state of the mother and baby, in some cases stimulates childbirth, and then helps the baby to be born. Dad should be close, massaging his wife's back, to create an atmosphere of security.
How to give birth to <b> child </ b> at home
After the birth and all the necessary procedures that the obstetrician will do to make the baby breathe, you need to wash your mother, help her get out of the bath, transfer her to the room with the baby and give herbal tea, honey and wine. Then the obstetrician must examine the mother and treat the perineum.
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The future mother should be healthy and psychologically ready for childbirth at home. The condition of the baby should also be favorable. Without a qualified obstetrician with extensive professional experience of childbirth at home, it is forbidden to give birth. Be prepared for the most unexpected development of events, because in almost 50% of cases a woman in labor may need emergency medical care.
Helpful advice
It is necessary to give birth in water so that the baby adapts to the air, because before that it was in a liquid medium. Finding the first seconds of life in the water best helps to relieve stress on the baby’s brain. Water helps to prevent entanglement of the umbilical cord around the baby. Water deliveries are considered the most hygienic.
  • "Childbirth without pain and fear", F.

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