How to give pleasure to a woman?

The issue of paramount importance is how to give a woman sexual pleasure. No matter how much money a man has, no matter how smart his car is, no matter how great he plays football, the inability to bring a woman to ecstasy negatively affects his self-esteem. Guys who are just entering adult sexuality believe that the art of satisfying women can be compared with the study of Chinese, and the female orgasm is something of a series of science fiction: it exists, but no one has seen it live. After reading this article, you will understand that there is nothing supernatural about getting admiration from a woman in bed.

There are many ways to give pleasure to a woman, they are all of different colors and nominal values. We will analyze everything in order. And begin with the most important commandment.

Warm over low heat

Careful "warming up" or prelude - like buying gasoline at a gas station. You won't go anywhere without it.Hasty standard set: kiss on the lips, in the ear, in the neck, three times to pull the nipples - no good. This dish is heated only over low heat.

Perhaps one of the men will be indignant: "I do not like it - let him say so." Will never say. It just so happened that in the Russian language all words, one way or another connected with sex, are either medical, vulgar, or lisping. And a woman often cannot tell a man about her desires, but prefers to express it in some other way: rapid breathing, supple movement towards, and so on. Therefore, be careful.

Knead and knead

Best start with a massage. Suitable for massaging fingers and toes, spine, ankle, neck. On the individual wishes, you can ask the ladies. Massage is needed to relax and tune a woman to the intimate atmosphere of what is happening. Pay attention to your hands - they should not (!) Be cold and sweaty, otherwise there will be no pleasure from this woman. After a couple of minutes of systematic "kneading" your lady's heart, pay attention to her breathing. Ensure that happy moans do not go into the even breathing of a sleeping person.When in five to ten minutes a woman becomes warm, soft and pliable, you can proceed to the next stage of cooking the main dish.

Surface finish

Now you can start grooming your lady orally - with kisses, bites, licks, etc.

- What you can bite: fingers and toes, ears, feet, ass, neck, nipples.

- What you can not bite: hips (inner surface), chest (except nipples), stomach, intimate places.

A bite in a painful place can return your partner to the starting position of an unexcited prim nun, and your efforts cried then. Kissing and licking a woman can be everywhere except in places where these manipulations will cause tickling. Laugh to us here to anything.

You will notice the transition to the next stage. Your partner, wet (I think, no need to explain where) and breathing heavily, she stretches herself to unzip you on the pants (if they are still on you). Remove the remaining clothes (if any) from yourself and your lady, bring yourself to the desired condition (or hand this mission to your partner). It is important not to let the woman cool down at this time, otherwise she will be distracted mentally and the desired effect will disappear.You shouldn’t also knead your partner too much. The female body is not a lemon, nothing sensible you will not squeeze out of it by force.

When you see that the woman has reached “condition”, you can begin the basic process. But in the course of this you should not relax and forget about your lady. We remember three important factors in order to give a woman pleasure in bed:

  1. Catalysts for female orgasm. If you stupidly "poke" at a woman with what nature rewarded (even if she rewarded generously and with all her heart), this is hardly enough for an enthusiastic burst of emotions. Only a small percentage of women are able to reach orgasm exclusively vaginally, without any additional stimulation. Therefore, pay attention to the following parts of the body. First, the nipples. Tingling, stroking, biting - everything will do. You do not need to just grab the entire top of your chest and pull it like an expander. Secondly, the clitoris, the magical pledge of a female orgasm in most cases. You can stimulate it yourself or give this business to your partner by choosing a more comfortable position. Third, the anus. The place is delicate, ambiguous, therefore it does not tolerate rudeness.Easy stroking, pressing, rubbing will be just right. In general, touch your partner more, do not be like a vibrator.
  2. If you feel that the process of reaching a female orgasm has somehow dragged out, and personally you are already losing interest in the act of love itself, and the thought “Yes, let you have been faster already” flashes in your head, then it's time to turn off the process. Because a woman will instantly feel your mood (well, unless you have not studied at Shchukinsky) and will not get any pleasure at all. Therefore, finish yourself, and then do not fall to sleep, but help your partner to finish with the help of a tongue or a dildo. A woman can easily cope with this herself, but you also take part in the process, stimulating various erogenous zones.
  3. Choose poses easier. There are no women in the world who enthusiastically squeeze during the testing of the intricate poses from the Kama Sutra. Do not turn sex into acrobatics.

How to give pleasure to a woman? Sex is suitable, preferably good. And how to make it good, you already know.

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