How to glue natural wallpaper

You will need
  • Wallpaper, glue, roller, brush.
To remove oldwallpaper, it is necessary to wet them with ordinary water or a special liquid. After the fluid is completely absorbed intowallpaper, they must be removed with a spatula. The same procedure is recommended with paper base wallpaper. If it, in spite of everything, still leaves with difficulty, then you can leave it to dry and polish it. After that, it will play the role of the basis for pasting new wallpaper. As for the joints, they remain visible after pasting.
Before glueing naturalwallpaper, cut the required length, using a stock of 5-10 cm for trimming. After that, the glue is applied on the reverse side of the wallpaper with a brush or rollers.
If the walls absorb moisture, then after applying the glue, you need to wait a few minutes for the glue to soak the paper base well. Additionally apply glue to the glued surface.In case the walls do not absorb moisture, the glue is applied only onwallpaper. Remember that excessive wetting of the wallpaper can lead to peeling of the paper base.
It is better to glue naturalwallpaperstarting from the window. To keep the first lane smooth, use the building level. Wallpaper pressed and smoothed with a dry cloth from the middle to the edges. If the glue accidentally gets on the outside, it is immediately removed with a slightly damp sponge or rag. The remaining strips are glued end to end. It is better to glue naturalwallpapertogether, when the first one is on the stepladder and levels the top, and the second holds the bottom, later also aligning it along the joint. Do not worry, if your joint is noticeable, it will only emphasize the naturalness of the wallpaper.
In order to properly glue the corner of the room, you need to trimwallpaperalong the intersection line, and pasting should continue on the other side of the corner. In those parts of the room where the doors are located, the pasting should be continued in the same way as if they are not there, while the canvas closing the opening is simply cropped. Stickingwallpapernear the window, you must leave the edge of the wallpaper protruding inside.After that, the edges need to be bent inwards and on the resulting fracture, carefully cut the canvas. In the case when you glue the surface of the walls where the switches and sockets are located, they must be dismantled. After the electrical socket is glued, it is cut crosswise, and after that it is necessary to trim it carefullywallpaperalong the edge of the nest.

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