How to glue parquet

This flooring requires careful and attentive work. It is also worth considering the environmental conditions of the room.Parquetis a material that is very sensitive and responds to all changes in external conditions.
So go directly to the styling. Apply parquet glue to plywood. For this purpose it is best to use a special spatula. In order to achieve better fixation, parquet "shoot" to the edge of each bar. To perform a zeroing use one of the types of pneumatic tools. After you have laid the parquet, wait a while until the glue seizes well. Then proceed to the processing of the laid surface. The waiting period often lasts 5-7 days. It all depends on the glue used.
Sanding parquet allows you to remove dirt and dust from the surface after work. As a result, you should get a perfectly flat floor. For grinding use grinding drum machine. With its help you can easily remove existing defects.
Note that microcracks can form in the inter-parquet joints. That is why it is necessary to putty all over the floor. If you want the color of the putty to perfectly match the parquet, then use special solutions for cooking. Add to them also the parquet dust.
After the puttying stage is complete, proceed to the finish grinding. This is done in a similar way. A grinding machine is required for this purpose. After that, apply a varnish coating.

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