How to go on a diet and not disturb the metabolism

Why diet can break the metabolism?

Metabolism, in simple terms, is a complex of processes for the conversion of nutrients from food into energy for life in the human body. Each product has a certain energy value, as a result of digestion, it becomes a source of energy, which either goes to perform some action, or is deposited in the form of fat. A healthy person has a normal metabolism: food provides a sufficient amount of energy, the body produces all the necessary substances and hormones in normal quantities that regulate energy processes, fat is deposited only with excess incoming energy.
The amount of fat in the body of a healthy person is determined by the number of calories it consumes. With a calorie deficit for energy production, you have to spend fat reserves, because of which a person loses weight, and excess energy, on the contrary, is deposited in the form of fat.In theory, the process of losing weight is pure mathematics, but in practice everything is not so simple. The fact is that the human body has an amazing ability to adapt to any changing conditions.
When a person goes on a diet, at first everything goes according to plan: the calorie intake is sharply reduced, the body has no place to take energy, it is necessary to break down the fats in the reserve, the person begins to lose weight. But if the dietary restrictions are severe and long enough, the brain regards them not as a health benefit, but as a potential threat to future life. In order to prevent possible death from exhaustion, the body slowly adjusts to the changed conditions, starting to spend less energy on the necessary processes: it transfers all organs and systems to a “diet”, giving them less nutrition to be able to create reserves. He also tries not to allow too much activity, causing a feeling of tiredness and drowsiness, so that precious calories are not spent on sports or mental work. As a result, a person cannot work productively, tends to sleep, it is difficult for him to force himself to perform actions that require physical effort.He begins to move less and rest more, and the process of losing weight stops. Metabolism has slowed, and if at this moment to stop the diet and return to the same caloric content, fat reserves will be delayed much faster, since fewer calories already go to life.

How not to disturb the metabolism?

In order to not disturb the metabolism during the diet, one should be very careful in reducing the caloric intake of the diet. It is advisable to reduce it gradually: for example, every day 100 calories, after five days, stop at the resulting figure. Be sure to consume more than 1500 calories per day. Eat healthy foods with high nutritional value: nuts, dried fruits and fruits, cereals, lean meat. From time to time, arrange more satisfying days when you can eat more calories. So the body will not perceive the diet as a danger and will understand that there is no risk of being left without nutrients.

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