How to grow decorative cabbage

You will need
  • Land, water, fertilizers, seeds, shovel, watering can
Soak the seeds of ornamental cabbage in a weak solution of any industrially prepared organic fertilizer. For example, the Ideal solution gives good results. For germination 20-30 seeds need 50 ml. water and 3-5 ml. fertilizer. Moisten with a mixture of a small piece of gauze, put seeds on one half, cover with another part. Place on a saucer, as you dry, moisten gauze with a solution. After 4-6 days, the seeds will hatch
Prepare a container for growing seedlings. Better if it will be small containers (the size of a small glass for yogurt), connected to each other. But you can take and liter box from under kefir, which has cut off the sidewall. An important point: in the capacity for growing seedlings of decorative cabbage, it is necessary to make holes for the possibility of the release of excess moisture that accumulates during watering.
Mix in equal proportions garden soil, peat and land from the compost pile. Instead of the latter, you can use last year's rotten manure. Add 2 g of nitrogenous fertilizer to each kilogram of the resulting soil. Pour over. Plant the sprouted seeds of ornamental cabbage. For safety, plant 2-3 pieces. in each cup or hole. As the surface of the soil dries out, water it moderately.cabbage. Excess moisture to the plant at this stage is contraindicated, as it may begin to rot the root system.
Spread decorativecabbageat the stage of the second true leaf (not counting the cotyledon leaves). Thus, in each cup you should have one seedling. Feed the seedlings with Ideal or other organic fertilizer. Water as necessary and loosen the ground very carefully.
Plant plants in a permanent place when the threat of spring frost has passed. When choosing a site, give preference to sunny slopes, there should not be high shrubs or trees that block the light nearby.

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