How to hide the gas pipe in the kitchen in 2018

You will need
  • box for pipe, furniture with voids for pipe.
Closepipefurniture. When assembling and installing kitchen furniture, you can ask the assemblers to make a peculiar box onpipewhich will perform an aesthetic function only. This method is convenient because closingpipe, it does not interfere with access to it, because it is necessary for safety.
Talk to the gas workers. Basically, close the gaspipeYou can do anything, but not all materials are safe. For example, in no case should you close the plasterboard. The fact is that if a gas leak occurs, it will accumulate in the space between the main wall and the drywall, which will lead to an explosion, since the concentration of gas in this case is sufficient.
Plan your kitchen properly. You can even need to plan the kitchen so that the pipes pass inside the kitchen cabinets. The disadvantage of this method is that it is necessary to make cuts in the furniture, and for this you need not to embed appliances or table drying in the cabinets.Otherwise you have to abandon this method of planning.
Think safety. It is necessary to think not only about design and beauty, but also that everything is done according to safety measures. Let the interior of the kitchen suffer, rather than the lives of people. In some homes it is generally not allowed to close gas pipes. When repairing should clarify all these details.
Consult with the designer. It is possible that he will offer the best option for your kitchen. For example, a good idea is to order four panels from furniture manufacturers. Two of them are installed as sidewalls between the table top and the top cabinets. Between them, a third panel is installed on the countertop. The fourth is fixed with hinges as a door. The same handle is installed on it, as well as on the doors of kitchen cabinets.

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