The situation in the work collective is of paramount importance. Healthy relationships are the guarantee of a quality work done. If the team feels stress, distrust, then this situation will affect the success of the company. Intrigue, gossip present at any work. It does not matter if you are in a male or female team. If you are just going to take a new position or have not joined the team, then you are probably wondering how to improve relations at work? Do not think that this is not a problem to be solved. Everything will turn out if you act accurately, accurately and purposefully.

How can a boss improve relations in a team?

The head of the department is chosen not only for professional skills. Competent chief manages staff, extinguishes conflicts and develops employees. In addition to trainings, training programs and corporate trips, the supervisor is recommended to monitor the behavior of subordinates. People are divided into types under which certain behavior is hidden.If the manager uses this information correctly, he will find a key to each employee. How can a boss improve relations in a team ?:

How to improve relationships in a team at work?

  1. If an employee is present in submission who is willing to argue for any reason, then he belongs to a rigid type. Such a person disputes the decisions of the chief, enters into quarrels with the collective, defending the correctness. How to lead such a subordinate? Give tasks not from a specific person, but give instructions or a set of rules. Such people do not listen to a specific opinion, but respect the accepted rules.
  2. If the employee takes you to their accuracy, attention to detail, then do not rush to get rid of him. Limit the communication of such a person with other employees. Load it with boring and painstaking tasks. The pedantry of the employee is enough to solve the problems in the best way.
  3. Artistic personalities are everywhere. And even though office rooms are not a theater stage, they need attention. Such people are laid out to the maximum, if the result will make an impression on others.

    To control the demonstrative type, surround such a person with attention.Get an unexpected result.

  4. Quiet employees who are ready to perform unquestionably any task, at first glance seem to be a godsend. After a while in the team there are conflicts. Such a person forgets about the assignments, brings, launches projects. To avoid this, take advantage of the openness and sociability of such an employee. He will join the team perfectly if a person is put on him who will control the execution of the work.

How to improve relationships in a team at work?

Do not forget that the atmosphere in the team depends on your behavior. If you call an employee into the office and discuss with him other subordinates, then wait for the gossip in your address. Do not single out an employee in a team. This does not podzadorit others, you just let me know that this person is your favorite. This situation will create an unhealthy atmosphere in the team. If the new subordinate has not joined the team, then help him. Dismissal is the last measure. Take this event as a defeat in the role of leader. A competent boss does not change a person, but directs his sides and character traits in the right direction.

How to improve relations in a new team?

Entering a new job is a certain stress. In the early days, a person only looks closely, accepts a volume of work, is trained. The established procedures and relationships of employees are still not clearly understood. Not always a new person is accepted with delight. Perhaps you came to the position of an employee with whom you were friends. Or vice versa, you are in a team where you don’t know what respect and mutual assistance are. In a large office, and you can get lost at all, sorting out the chain of command between departments. In order not to be trapped, you need to build relationships in a new team. To do this, follow these rules:

How to improve relationships in a team at work?

  1. Do not try to make friends with everyone. All the same, working relationships are different from friendly ones. Communicate with other employees benevolently and confidentially, but do not devote to family secrets. In each team there is a person who knows how to position and pull out for a frank conversation. Such an employee will sympathize, tell and may at the time become the best friend. But, any working scandal, where you find yourself on different sides of the barricade, and your whole family learns about your personal and family life. There are exceptions to the rule.It is at work that a life partner or a best friend is met. But before you trust a person get to know him better.
  2. Be polite and friendly. Do not forget the simple rules. Wait for the person who runs up to the elevator, hold the door for another employee. If your company occupies several floors in the building, then greet everyone you meet. It is not necessary to personally know the person, it is enough that you work in the same company and are colleagues.

    Support small talk by waiting for the elevator or by being in the meeting room awaiting the manager.

  3. Do not pay attention to gossip. Be prepared that in the new team, you will be discussed. If you hear whispering behind your back or notice that when your colleagues are silent, do not worry. This is the fate of all new ones. Also resist the temptation to discuss other employees. If you notice that intrigues are lagging around someone, do not get involved in such dubious events. Do not participate in the conversation, transfer the conversation to another topic, or retire under an important pretext.
  4. Do not indulge the requests of colleagues. On the newcomer they love to push tasks that are tired or do not want to perform. Studies of psychologists have shown that responsive individuals do not occupy high posts.As long as such people solve other people's problems, their work remains intact. If you can’t say no, then it’s time to learn. Perform only those tasks that are included in your job description. For other requests refuse, directing the employee to the chief. Let the head take such a decision. Do not think that in this way, you make enemies, on the contrary deserve respect.

How to improve relationships in a team at work?

Do not ask colleagues any tactless questions. One such is the information on wages. Such questions are rarely answered. And the person who is asked feels awkward, especially if he has pledged not to disclose salary information.

How to improve relationships in a team at work?

It happens that a person who does not hold office is not the first day, faces difficulties in communication. Changes occur as a result of a change of government, with the increase, the addition of new tasks. It so happens that a banal working question leads to a real war between departments. How to improve relationships in a team at work?

How to improve relationships in a team at work?

  • Analyze the situation. Remember when the relationship with colleagues went wrong. What is the cause of the conflict.If you were to blame, then apologize to your colleagues. Then think about why the discord occurred. Perhaps you are tired, tired of work, a position or a list of duties. The reasons can be personal, family trouble, quarrel with her husband, illness of close relatives. All these factors affect performance and mood. Learn to abstract from personal troubles, focus on working moments.
  • Behave naturally. Immediately to improve relations will not work, especially if you are the culprit of a quarrel. Artificial application will not work. Not the best option to come the next day with a cake or cake, treat your colleagues and pretend that nothing happened. The treats will be eaten, but the relationship will remain strained. Act carefully, after an apology, offer to help in a difficult issue, help with the report. If you do not get the result immediately, then do not go to extremes. The wrong way is a search for like-minded people, a breakdown into hostile groups. If you do not feed the situation, then over time it will be forgotten.

How to improve relationships in a team at work?

  • Do not complain to the manager about other employees. Solve issues in a businesslike manner.Send requests, offer to meet, schedule meetings. If your requests are related to work moments, then the other department is obliged to fulfill them. The most important thing is not to get personal. Relationships do not immediately improve. Over time, employees will see that you do not enter into debates that do not concern work. Gradually, relationships will improve. If the situation is heating up to the limit and you will fall under dismissal, then present your boss with proof of his professionalism: correspondence, inquiries, colleagues' answers.
  • Do not go to the cry. As a rule, such behavior is forced by the chiefs, who are used to expressing discontent in a high tone. Listen calmly to the manager, give a reasoned answer, tell me that you are preparing a report for such a time. Do not give out that irritated, especially not shout in response. The head, the samodur, will fire, and the normal chief will then make it clear that he was wrong. To relieve stress, leave the office, have lunch, have a cup of coffee, get distracted and let go of the situation. So you can return to work and perform the task with high quality. If you go to discuss the situation with a colleague, then make it worse.Work will start on drift, you wind yourself even more. As a result, get another scolding from the boss.
  • Start with yourself. Pay attention to how you communicate with colleagues. Arrogantly defend your point of view, because you have been working in the company for 15 years. Or maybe tell every employee the truth in their eyes, believing that sincerity is your main weapon? Think about how you would react to such behavior colleagues.

    To convey your opinion is much easier if you back up the words with facts and evidence, rather than offend and humiliate others.

Building relationships in a team, start with yourself. Remember that each person is an individual personality with character, habits, work experience. Do not press on colleagues, do not give in to provocations, forget about gossips and gossip. The main task at work is to fulfill the tasks assigned by the manager in a quality manner. For this, it is not necessary to be friends with colleagues and fulfill requests. Treat each employee with respect, maintaining a business relationship.

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