How to insert a radio

You will need
  • - HTML editor;
  • - player code;
  • - the image of the player.
Place on your site a simple form that allows you to select the desired radio station. To do this, search the Internet for the HTML code of the online radio and paste it on the page, for example, in the sidebar. Save the changes and your player is ready to go.
Decorate your site by placing on its pages a colorful and functional Flash radio with a wide selection of broadcast stations. Take the player code from the Internet and copy to the page of the site where it will be located, and save the swf file in the root folder.
Create a radio player that will open in a separate popup window. To do this, place the player code in a plain text file, save the modified file as radio.html, then create a separate folder, copy the picture into it - the player image and the radio.html file.
Place in the right place of the template (usually in the index.php file) the function that causes the pop-up window and check the correctness of the paths to the folder with the code and picture.
Make your blog more interesting by placing a radio on its pages. Enter the control panel, open the tab "Design" - "Design Management". Select the section in which the player code will be placed, transfer the code and save the changes.

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