How to insert music in GTA (GTA)?

Dmitry Ermolinsky
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How to insert music in GTA (GTA)?

In order to slightly diversify the game, to give it individual features, you need to know how to insert music into the GTA from personal files. The music itself, which will be added, can be in the form of MP3 files, or shortcuts to these files.

In the "My Documents" tab, in the "GTA San Andreas User Files" folder, enter the "User Tracks" folder. It is worth noting that this folder is automatically created after starting the game. If the game is just installed, then this folder in the "My Documents" will not be! In "User Tracks" we copy tracks or shortcuts to files that we want to listen on the radio in the game.

Then we start the game and in the menu "Options" select "Audio settings". The settings menu appears.

At the bottom of the screen there is a list of radio stations in the game. The last radio station on the right is "Custom tracks", however, the exact name depends on the translation, here we set the music. Next in the menu item "User Options" click "Scan Songs" and wait for the scan. This process will take some time, which depends on the number of tracks and their volume.

When the scan is completed, the problem of how to insert music into the GTA will be solved and the message will be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen: "the songs have been scanned successfully."

After that, turn on the game, sit down in any car and turn on the receiver and use the buttons to switch radio stations (usually the "R" button) tune in to the user radio and play to your music.

And insert music into the GTA 4 is even easier. In XP, we follow the path: My Documents - Rockstar Games - GTA IV - User Music and paste our files there. In the game we find a custom wave and listen.

The path for Windows Vista: drive C: \ Users \ User \ - Documents - Rockstar Games - GTA IV - User Music, copy the mp3 there and in the game again in the audio settings we perform a full scan.

That's how own music is in the game GTA.

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