How to install a toilet

Let's try to understand the main points of this event. First, you must decide on the size of the room in which you plan to place the toilet, because it must be in harmony with the dimensions of the toilet. When a compact toilet is better to choose a not very large model.
And by measuring the distance from the door to the drain to determine the ideal dimensions. In accordance with the style of the overall design, select the toilet in color and shape. Perhaps they should be in harmony with the design of the bath and sink or the color of the floor and walls.
When choosing plumbing, you will come across companies of local or foreign manufacturers, whose consultants are obliged to provide you with all the necessary information about the selected product.
So that you are not offered to check the absence of chips and damage, such as cracks or scratches. You must purchase an entire toilet in the kit that is described by the manufacturer.
When packing, make sure that this fragile thing is properly closed and securely placed in a box.
After the toilet has been delivered home safely and safely, and having thrown away all doubts, it takes up the job of installing the toilet.
Do not forget to close the valves going to the toilet and check for any leaks, and if necessary, also block the cold water inlet. Then carefully dispose of the old toilet, dismantling it.
It is necessary to install the toilet in the place of the old one and check how far the outlet with the sewer drain coincides. There should be no tilting and unevenness when installing the toilet bowl. We put the markings for fastenings and with the help of screws, dowels, tightly fix the toilet to the floor. If necessary, we prepare sand-cement mortar and fill the toilet bowl base, leveling the entire surface and making the entire surface smooth. If you need to freeze quickly, add liquid glass to the solution.
When the solution hardens, you can start installing the inside of the flushing barrel. Carefully collect all gaskets that you will find in the kit according to the instructions and place them in place.Check the tightness of the devices and, having mounted the hoses, let the water flow in and check how efficiently the assemblies you assembled and whether the flush is high quality. Install the seat and, if necessary, safely use the new toilet.

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