How to issue a door in 2018

Wallpaper. In the design of the doors there is such a way as a designer “snag”. It is quite easy to implement. Cover your door with wallpaper in the color of the wall, making the door almost invisible. So you will achieve a visual increase in room space.
Glass, stained glass. Another design idea is to transform the doors by placing glass stained glass windows on them. Usually recommend stained glass from opaque and opaque glass. However, stained glass windows made of colored glass mosaic look many times more attractive, giving the room a certain “iridescence” as well as solemnity. In addition to experimenting with the material of the door, you can also work on their form.
Dramatically change the look of the door will help you finish it with expensive panels. Changing a steel door is easy with powder paint or plastic finishing. Doors can be easier to issue vinyl skin.It looks good, but it has a very low resistance to external factors. Pets will easily scratch such material.
Wooden doors can be treated with tinted or colorless varnish, which can slightly change the shade of the material.

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