How to keep makeup

Prepare the skin thoroughly before applying makeup. After washing, wipe the face with a tonic with a matting effect, apply a light moisturizer and wait a few minutes, let it soak. The first step in creating a permanent makeup is applying a base or base for makeup. This tool will help extend the life of foundation. You can choose the usual transparent base or with any effect: illuminating, smoothing, etc.
Disguise imperfections with correctors and concealers, and then apply a thin layer of foundation, carefully blending the border. Trying to mask all defects in one tone, you get a thick layer of "plaster" on the face. After applying the cream, also wait a few minutes and powder your face. Use loose or mineral powder with matting effect. It will lay down in a thin uniform layer, giving the skin the opportunity to breathe.
In the market of cosmetics there are special sprays, fixing makeup. They create an invisible film on the skin of the face,therefore, it is necessary to use them only in emergency cases. In everyday life, fixing spray can be replaced with thermal water. Spray the liquid at a distance of 10-15 cm, while closing his eyes. In the summer heat, a can of thermal water will come in handy to refresh your face, without fear of damaging your makeup.
The base will help to prolong the life of the eye shadow. It mattes the skin, not allowing the shadows to turn pale or gather in the folds of the eyelids. Some makeup artists go for a little trick and use a pencil instead of shadows. Paint them all the eyelid and blend well. This makeup can take up to 8 hours. If you prefer an eyeliner, choose waterproof liners or pencils. They will last much longer than usual.
Make a peeling of the skin of the lips using a toothbrush or sugar. Then apply lipstick and blot it with a regular napkin. Next, apply a second layer. If before using lipstick or gloss to cover your lips with a drop of foundation or powder, you can make your lips makeup more resistant.
Purchase matting wipes in the cosmetic department. These are the thinnest sheets of hemp paper that absorb sebum without damaging makeup.Only after removing the oily sheen can powder be applied. Otherwise, the face will turn out "porridge", and make-up will look sloppy.

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