How to lay a floorboard

You will need
  • A set of tools, flooring, timber, vapor barrier, fasteners (nails, screws), electric drill, grinder.
Prepare all necessary materials. For log log size from 50x70 and above is used. Pay special attention to the humidity of boards and beams, it should not exceed 15-16%. Before laying materials must be kept for three days in the room. The foundation of the floor must be level. If a screed was laid on it, check for dryness. Under a piece of polyethylene, lay on the screed for about a day, there should be no browning or moisture.
Lay the vapor barrier on the base with a bend on the walls. You can use a polyethylene film with a thickness of 200-300 microns. The joints should overlap by 5-10 cm. Lay logs parallel to the wall in which the windows are located. The joints of the floorboards in this case will be directed to the windows, which will make them less noticeable. The distance between adjacent lags should be about 50 cm.
Attach the logs to the base.They can be fastened by passing fasteners (screws or nails) through their body, or they can use brackets - strips of sheet metal about 2 mm thick with shelves bent at 90%. With one shelf, the bracket is attached to the side of the log, the other to the concrete base. The brackets are arranged alternately with one or the other side of the lag. It is most convenient to shoot them to the base with a mounting gun. The distance between fixing points should be about 1 m. When fixing, the lag through their body should be recessed.
Lay the genitalthe board. The first board is laid groove to the wall, with a gap between it and the wall about 10 mm. The edge directed to the wall (the one that will be under the plinth) is attached to the top of the lag, the other - at the base of the spike at an angle of about 50 °. The hole under the nail or screw is drilled with an electric drill. The diameter of the drill should be equal to the diameter of the fastener or slightly less.
Subsequent boards are mounted only on one side - from the side of the spike. Before fastening, the board is tightly pressed against the previous one with the help of wedges and struts nailed to the logs. If it turns out to be necessary end docking boards, it is carried out in such a way that the joint fell on the lag. The joints of adjacent boards should be offset relative to each other.The lastthe boardfix on top - taking into account the fact that the place of fasteners should be hidden by the plinth. There should be a gap of about 10 mm between the board and the wall.

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