How to learn the exam

Schedule. Probably every student met with a problem when something that could be learned within a month, studies the night before the exam. Therefore, try to change tactics once and for all - after receiving questions and material, distribute information in small portions until the exam itself. Thus, you relieve yourself of the stress before the exam, because everything is already prepared far from its beginning.
Peace and quiet. Three hours of studying the material among the noise, equal to an hour in silence. So try not to learn in crowded places.
Organization. If all your material is in disarray, then you spend a lot more time searching for information than studying it. Try to compile and organize data.
Take breaks. Even if you have very little time left, you should not learn without interruption. The more tired your brain, body, memory, perception and eyes, the less you can remember information. Breaks of 5-10 minutes will significantly help you in preparation.
Use different methods.Some subjects are much easier to learn with examples, others with graphs or tables. Try to select the methods in which you learn the easiest.
Reiteration. For better assimilation of the material should sometimes repeat it.

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