How to learn to forgive a loved one

It is important to understand for yourself that negative emotions and experiences are crushed by a heavy load and destroy you from the inside. Forgiveness will help get rid of this severity. Find the cause of the conflict, your insult to his beloved. Maybe she is not as serious as you think. In times of quarrel, people often exaggerate the significance of the occasion. And they are not always aware of, can analyze and adequately assess what is happening.
Speak offense loudly or write on a piece of paper. This will help assess the situation, look at it with different eyes, and, perhaps, make you laugh.
Be sure to "let off steam", i.e. let yourself cool down after a fight. Do not make hasty decisions. Do not tear your grievances against others. Better change the situation: take a walk in the park, go to visit, to the theater ... or to the store.
Find agreement with yourself. Think, why are you still offended? And, perhaps, it's not a matter of insult? And you just convenient not to forgive? Or do you like to be offended, and forgiveness will deprive you of this status? Or, alternatively,Do you like the feeling of superiority over your partner? Oh, how sometimes it is nice to torture a partner at the moment when he apologizes.
You need to really try to understand your loved one. Do not justify him or yourself, but understand.
Do not be afraid to take a step towards the first. To live in a state of hurt feelings and feelings is much worse than taking the first step. Think of the good things that connected you. Imagine your man in good light. You can try to write on a piece of paper the bad and good qualities of a loved one. Count the records. Maybe there are more good ones and you are offended for nothing?
In no case do not consider forgiveness a heroic act or an act of complacency. You are going to make peace with your loved one, and not doing him a favor. Forgiveness is important first and foremost for you. You free yourself from moral burden. When you forgive, you feel much better, happier than before. We need only the willingness to abandon the insult. Learn to forgive, not only your beloved, but also yourself.

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