How do you like a guy?

Young people are all different - this is a well-known fact, since each person is unique in nature. However, there is always a lot in common in the psychology of completely diverse people. In order to be able to please the guy and build a relationship with him, it is necessary to subtly penetrate into some of the details that are common between young people and they like absolutely everyone.

To please the guy, the girl first needs to be feminine. Learn to flirt, flirt. Guys like when a girl is like a cat. When she has smooth movements, a mysterious look. But do not forget that you need to find a fine line, where to stay, because too persistent flirting and coquetry can scare a guy.

Guys very often want to see a friend in a girl who could understand him, share his interests with him. Therefore, in order to please a guy, you must first forget about what you want to do with a young man. Try to tie him to yourself. Enter to him in trust through friendship and mutual understanding.But at this stage just do not forget what all this is for. Therefore, dress beautifully, easily and with taste. Flirt a little, do not swear, do not smoke and smile more.

You can like a guy just being a confident girl. Never tell him that you do not know how to kiss properly, that you are worried about your appearance, ability to communicate. Do not let him once again see all the flaws that are in you.

Do not try to get too close with the young man too quickly. Guys love it when things develop gradually. A guy may want more than a girl relationship, romance, but he may also be afraid to start them. Previously, he could be offended. Then time must pass to make him sure of you. Or maybe he had nobody before you. Then he needs time to get used to you and learn to care. If the young man had a lot of girls, then a little time will not hurt you. After all, it is worth then to think whether you need such a guy.

To like a guy you need to be tolerant. After all, any word, glance or movement can offend a young man.So talk more, learn more about each other.

It is impossible that the whole initiative was only in your hands. Do not "run" for a young man in no way and do not call him forcing yourself. Keep your distance in a relationship.

You can only like a guy being an open, sincere and kind person. If you are cold and indifferent, it will immediately alienate him. He, like any man, is waiting for warmth and joy.

Guys today really appreciate loyalty in girls. So talking about your ex young people and good friends who care for you should be left aside. It must be remembered that the guys are the owners who are not ready to share you with anyone.

How do you like the pen guy:

  • First of all, you should seem interesting to him. Therefore, you should not begin acquaintance with simple words and expressions. such as: "Hello" or "How are you?". Come up with something original, as opposed to what his other fans write to him.
  • Do not start a conversation with humor. Since your humor may not be completely clear to others. After all, people are completely different. And you may be in a stupid situation and he will not accept you the way you want it.
  • To like a pen guy, you can best express your feelings with emoticons.Words - they always scare. And emoticons defuse the atmosphere and do not sound as hard as words.
  • It is necessary to write correctly. Do not be lazy to once again re-read your message, so as not to seem a guy is not quite smart.
  • The photograph must be sent its own, and not his stunning girlfriend or a movie star. In every girl there is something unique, unique. And maybe it is you who have what he needs.
  • It is worth answering sincerely all the questions posed to them. If you do not know how to answer, it is better to remain silent. This way you will not lie and bring a riddle to your conversation. Men love mysterious women, but you also do not need to create the impression that you are hiding something.
  • In acquaintance by correspondence it is necessary to constantly surprise a guy. And it is better to find out more about his interests, all of a sudden they coincide and you will definitely have something to talk about.

How to like a guy in school:

  • First of all be yourself. Do not laugh out loud in the presence of the young man you like and clap your eyelashes without taking your eyes off him. It is simply better to pass by him more than once, easily and naturally.
  • All young people, especially at a young age, love beautiful girls.So you need to work on your appearance. Hair should be well-groomed and the dress should sit on the figure. If you apply makeup. then don't scare the guy with your look. Indeed, in the pursuit of when we want to please someone, we can look very silly.
  • Be happy, smile more.
  • Find out what a young person is interested in. If this is music, then maybe you should listen to it too and read something about its performers. Then, when meeting a guy, you can bring it together.
  • Try to meet his friends. Then you will learn a lot about him and in this way it will be easier for you to meet a guy at school.

To like a guy older than you need not a lot of effort, as it may seem at first glance. First of all, you should be interesting for him, easy to talk to, unobtrusive and not stupid. He will be interested in the things you do together. So it is necessary to adopt his interests. It will be necessary to listen to all his life stories, and since he is older than you, he can have quite a lot of them. You will just have to wink eyes and agree with any of his opinions, showing him his superiority. Call him more often in affectionate words, he will be pleased.And since men are proprietors. Do not give him any reason for jealousy, so that he does not have doubts that you fully belong to him.

How to please the ex-boyfriend:

To please the ex-boyfriend you must not make the mistakes that were in the relationship before. This is probably the most important. If he told you about the separation, they will need to be taken into account and tried to be eliminated. And so everything is in your hands. After all, you already know what he likes and what does not. Try to be perfect for him and the only one.

It is said that the eyes are the mirror of our soul. Therefore, like a guy can only one look. But he must tell him about all your desires and sympathies. Look at the man interested, a little coquettishly, reflecting the attention and assessment of the man. But it must be remembered that the look must match the circumstances under which you are.

How to like a guy on a date:

  • Be confident. No one is perfect, and if you have a couple of drawbacks, then this is far from the most important. Focus your partner on your advantages. If you have beautiful legs, then put on a skirt and heels.If you have expressive eyes, underline them. Make the guy notice all these positives.
  • Smile, carry joy in yourself, and he will appreciate it.
  • Be yourself. Natural and beautiful. If such a young man loves you, then it is yours.
  • Do not smoke, consume large quantities of alcohol and foul language. This can immediately alienate the young man from you.

Like a guy on a first date, you can only put a good first impression of you. You must fit this date. If it is during the day, then it is worthwhile to get dressed and make up more simply; if in the evening, you can make a more complex make-up and dress an evening dress that will fit your figure. It must be remembered that men love well-groomed girls with a smooth and easy gait. Do not strain him, but defuse the situation with a slight smile and listen to everything he says. The main thing is not to be silent, find common topics for conversation. Indeed, in the process of communication, they may be much more than you expect. Take care of the young man, you can just casually shake off the dust particles from his jacket. And try a little flirting to make it clear that you are interested in them. The evening can take shape in different ways.The guys are looking for themselves completely different: some mistresses, some girlfriends, and some and a girl for a serious relationship. Therefore, if you want to be with a young man, then agree with him. And if you are looking for a serious relationship, then you should go home. Thereby showing that you are not simple and frivolous person. And that you also need to achieve caring for you and showing you attention.

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