How to lose weight with soda?

In pursuit of beauty and ideal weight, people are finding more and more ways to lose weight. For example, very popular now is the method of losing weight using baking soda. How to lose weight with soda? There are two options: hot baths with soda and drinking water with soda inside. Consider both ways.

Bathtubs with soda

On the Internet, you can find many rave reviews that literally in 20-25 minutes a hot bath with soda will help to lose up to 2 kg. How can you lose weight with soda in this way?

  • Take 125 g of baking soda, 150 g of sea salt, three or four drops of lavender alcohol, mix everything and dissolve in a container with hot water. Gather a full bath of such hot water that you can stand. Do not experiment heavily, so as not to harm health, type a little hot warm water. Then you need to add water to the bath from the tank with the dissolved ingredients and lie down in it. If you can not lie, you can sit down. The bath should be taken 20-25 minutes, and after that, without rinsing the body with running water, wipe off with a soft towel, drink warm tea or herbal infusion and go to bed.After taking a bath, you can also use anti-cellulite remedy.
  • Take 300 g of soda and 500 g of sea salt, dissolve in a container with hot water, then pour this water into the prepared bath (the temperature of the water in the bath should be 38-39 degrees). Take this bath for about half an hour, then wiped with a towel. If necessary, you can use anti-cellulite cream. Further, as in the past method, you need to drink warm tea and go to bed.

Such baths should be done quite often to achieve the best effect. The first time is the most effective. You can really lose up to 2 kg. The following procedures will allow you to lose up to 500 at a time. In addition, this bath improves blood circulation and skin condition.

Such baths are contraindicated for people suffering from heart failure, varicose veins, certain gynecological and skin diseases, as well as pregnant women.

Water with soda as a drink

How to lose weight with one soda? Drinking as much water as possible with soda dissolved in it is recommended by many sources. However, we hasten to refute this method: in this way, not only will you not lose weight, but also damage your internal organs and get a strong and dangerous poisoning.Do not resort to this method! Soda does not affect the weight of a person if taken inside. In addition, if you often drink water with soda dissolved in it, you can greatly spoil the condition of the esophagus, stomach and intestines.

Is soda effective?

You can find controversial opinions about the effectiveness of soda as a means for losing weight. So, some people write that soda prevents the absorption of fats, accelerates the processes of the lymphatic blood system, as a result of which splitting of fats and a decrease in body weight occur. Others deny the high performance of soda. They write that it, in combination with salt and hot water, is merely an accelerator of sweat secretion. It turns out that thanks to soda you just sweat faster and stronger and lose fluid, which is why weight loss is reduced. After a while, you will gain the lost fluid again and the weight will return. It turns out that soda helps to get rid of the liquid, and the loss of fluid and weight loss - the processes are still different.

However, you can try to lose weight with baking soda.

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