How to make a beautiful hair for the prom 2013 - photo workshop

Fashionable hair at the prom 2013 do it yourself

Fashionable hair at the prom 2013 do it yourself

If you are thinking about how to do a graduation hairstyle, but do not want to go to the salon, you can not worry - almost all the hairstyles with your own hands are not very difficult, although this requires some time and accuracy.


Choosing hairstyles for prom in grade 9, you can stay on the one that does not require any special accessories to make it at home was simple enough.


Beautiful hairstyles are not necessarily complex high designs with rhinestones or fresh flowers. In addition, for young age graduates, ninth-graders image should be the lighter and "air", the better.


However, girls completing 11th grade should not do strict styling suitable for adult women.


Hairstyles for a celebration of graduation can be simple, but no less graceful and original.


When choosing which of them to make at the prom, pay attention to the one that our master class offers and if you like it, just follow the instructions.


Master class hairstyles for prom


In the photo, the hair of the model, from the nature of the dark-haired, is painted in a light reddish from the tips to the middle, with a soft transition of color into a natural one. In general, it is not necessary to dye the ends of the hair for such a hairstyle, it will look beautiful with hair of the same color.


If you decide to paint yourself in this way before you do your hair, you don’t have to choose such a light color, you can choose something brighter, for example, bright red or red - especially if you are a brunette.


The most beautiful hairstyles can be both two-color and single-color; this is not particularly important and depends, first of all, on the dress to which you are styling, and your image for the prom as a whole.


You will need:


1. Curling tongs or ordinary hair curling iron (not wide).
2. Studs and stealth black.
3. Hair spray with medium or strong fixation.


How to make a fashionable graduation hairstyle: step by step photo lesson


1.Begin to curl large strands of hair with heated tongs or curling iron at a distance of about ten to fifteen centimeters from the roots. If you use a flat curl, just twist the strand with it every time you make the next curl - each will go about three centimeters of hair.


2. Scrub the hair at the roots to give them a volume, and fasten the hair closer to the roots with the help of invisible.


Fashionable hair at the prom 2013 do it yourself


3. Separate part of the hair so that the dividing line passes just behind the ear, swing them forward and secure with a long invisible - with them you will work later.


Take the rest of the hair as if you want to tie it in a very low tail, and bend all this mass of hair up to make a small loop.


Fix this loop well with one or more stealth. In addition, you should have one small curl from the “smooth” side of the hair, approximately at the level of the ear.


Fashionable hair at the prom 2013 do it yourself


4. Rasprepite fingers curls curls in this loop below the invisible so that they look a little careless.


5. Braid the French braid "waterfall" from the hair thrown forward.


Fashionable hair at the prom 2013 do it yourself


6. Throw the end of the braid through the already fixed hair so that it gently covers the head, and fasten the invisible over the ear. Now fix the whole hairstyle with hair spray.


Done! As you can see, styling at home can be just as good as at a hairdresser.

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