How to make a child happy

How to make a child happyThe temptation of Saint Anthony, or Can our child endure a state of frustration?



It turns out that there is a center of pleasure ... or how to make a child happy. The mouse implanted electrodes in the center of pleasure. Clicking on the pedal, the joyful little animal stimulates the center of pleasure and does it until it loses consciousness.


To many parents, this experiment resembles the situation with their children. The behavior of a healthy child suggests that the "pleasure principle" so often governs his behavior.


Give the children free rein and they will gorge themselves on ice cream, revel in Coca-Cola, watch TV and play computer games until they are knocked down or, like a happy mouse, they faint.


Children are constantly exploring the boundaries of what is permitted in order to win more enjoyment from adults: “Well, let’s see another cartoon ...”, “Well, take another 10 minutes to walk ...”


A powerful subconscious desire for pleasure is easily drowned out by the timid voice of the child's mind.


The voice of the devil or the gift of nature? Is the enjoyment of the child a friend or enemy of the parents?



On the one hand, parents are pleased to see that the child is happy. They understand that enjoying and feeling happy is good for children's health. They heard something about endorphins - hormones of positive emotions, and one of the grandmothers read that they are extremely useful for the developing organism.


However, another grandmother believes that it is terrible to create a "person who is having fun," who ignores any life goal, other than getting pleasure.


A serious grandfather adds: “We grew up without him and nothing, no one died, and everyone got a good education ...”.


The clouds are gathering over the child. All together peck first grandmother and decide that pleasure should be dosed, and if necessary, and completely deprive the child of pleasure as a punishment.


The repentant first grandmother found a message on the Internet about “teleidiots”, children who watched TV for more than four hours, after which they lost their attention, understanding, memorization, aggressiveness and sensitivity sharply increased, and the children no longer needed parents or friends. Nor dog Tuzik.


The shocked family makes the decision that from now on the child will watch TV no more than half an hour a day. Baby sobs, - the curtain falls.

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