How to make a cone?

A cone is a geometric figure consisting of a base (circle), a vertex (a point not lying in the plane of a circle) and forming a cone (segments that connect the vertex and base). How to make a cone: make a cone with your own hands is quite simple. For its manufacture need scissors, glue, compasses, paper or cardboard. The finished cone can be used as a visual aid for children when studying geometric shapes. Cone can be used as the basis for the manufacture of various toys and crafts. You can make fancy caps for birthday or masquerade, Christmas tree and much more.

How to make different cones

  • How to make a paper cone: take a sheet of paper, draw a circle with a compass (the larger the circle diameter, the larger the cone will be). Then we divide our circle-blank with the help of a ruler into four equal sectors. Then we cut one sector, fold the blank and glue it. If you need a narrower cone, you can cut not one, but two or three sectors, the rest of the fold and glue.
  • How to make a cone of cardboard: a cone of cardboard is made in the same way as paper.We take a sheet of cardboard, draw a circle and divide it into sectors, cut the required number of sectors, fold the blank and glue it. The main thing to remember is that the larger the cut segment is, the narrower the cone will be.
  • How to make a truncated cone: for this we take a sheet of paper and with the help of a compass draw two circles of different diameter, one larger, the second smaller. Next, we divide our workpiece into equal sectors, cut the inner circle of a smaller diameter and the required number of sectors, fold our blank and glue, then cut out a circle with paper equal to the diameter of the top of our truncated cone and glue it.

What is a cone reamer?

For the manufacture of the cone of the correct proportions, you can use a special scan. It will help make the cone of the desired size and shape, so that it does not turn out to be too “thick” or too “long and narrow”.

How to make a scan of the cone: for this you need a pencil, paper, a caliper and the parameters of the cone - the base radius and height. The length of the side arc is equal to the length of the base of the cone. It can be calculated using the formula l = 2? R (l is the circumference of the base of the cone, n is the constant coefficient, which is 3.14, r is the base radius).Next you need to calculate the angle of the arc. Knowing that a cone is a body that is formed as a result of the rotation of a triangle around the leg. This leg is the height of the cone. It is necessary to find the hypotenuse, which will be the radius of the side arc. It can be calculated using the formula R2 = r2 + h2 (R is the lateral arc radius, r is the base radius, h is the height of the cone). Next, we calculate the fraction of the side arc in a circle (k = R / r, k is the fraction of the side arc, where R is the radius of the side arc, r is the base radius). Dividing 360 degrees to the share of the side arc, we get the angle of the arc. Now that all the parameters have been calculated, you can draw a scan. On a sheet of paper with a pencil and a ruler we draw a segment equal to the radius of the side arc, with the help of a protractor we set the desired angle and draw another segment. The end points of the segments are connected by an arc using a compass. This scan can be used for a truncated cone, you only need to make the appropriate calculations.

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