How to make a corridor?

The theater begins with a hanger, and your apartment is down the hall. A corridor is a place where a person falls, as soon as he enters your home. Therefore, the lack of repair in the corridor can erase the whole impression of the entire apartment, even if the other rooms are finished with the latest design ideas. The impression from your corridor depends on the impression of the whole apartment.

How to make repairs in the hallway? Before you begin to repair the hallway, you need careful preparation. So let's order.

We are considering a plan of action

Consider the overall design of your corridor, you should know in advance what you will get as a result of the repair. Pay attention to the front door. Its role in the general interior of the corridor is extremely important, besides, it has a protective function.

The appearance of the front door must be in harmony with the interior doors, since the corridor is exactly the place where almost all the doors in the apartment go.

The question of replacing wiring, installation of lamps and sockets should also be thought out in advance,so as not to chisel or drill repaired walls. Select the areas that need to be illuminated: a place in front of the mirror, at the closet with clothes and so on. Build electricity to them. Do not forget that if you want to install additional lamps on the ceiling, then you also need to conduct wiring on it.

Consider where and what furniture you will install in the hallway, whether its installation will require additional sockets, whether it will obstruct the aisles, and whether it will be convenient to use.

Rough work

Draft work is the dirtiest, but how to make a corridor is extremely relevant. It is worth starting with leveling floors and walls. The walls are leveled either with plaster, if the space is small, or drywall, if there is a lot of space. If you make repairs in the corridor separately from the whole apartment, then you will have to protect other rooms from the penetration of dirt and construction dust, although you will hardly be able to do this in full. But anyway, hang the doorways with polyethylene, put a damp cloth on the floor in front of each interior door, do not enter the rooms in those shoes and clothes in which you walk in the repaired room.


Having finished with a rough finish, you can proceed to the fair. You can choose either painting walls or wallpaper. If you paint the walls, you need a perfectly aligned surface. Wallpaper is better to choose washing, so that in the event of dirt, you have the opportunity to wash the stain. Avoid non-woven non-woven wallpaper, as they are very quickly peeled off, and in a place where such high permeability is, this is not necessary.

To expand the space, glue the wallpaper of light colors. On the blank wall you can hang a large mirror, it also expands the space. The walls in the corridor can be decorated with paintings, photographs, embroidery in frames, especially if your corridor is long.


As for the floor, then in the corridor at the very entrance door it is better to lay tiles. It is resistant to the effects of water and dirt, and does not lose its appearance. Under the tile in the hallway sometimes a warm floor is laid, it is very convenient, since you will not freeze your feet, and left damp shoes will dry better. You can also put linoleum. If you choose laminate, then it must be of the highest class.


Since it is impossible to make a corridor beautifully without a qualitatively repaired ceiling, therefore, special attention should be paid to its decoration. If you want to paint the ceiling, then it must be very well aligned, because when painting all the irregularities immediately appear.

Many who do not want to suffer with the achievement of a perfect flat surface of the ceiling, install either a suspended or suspended ceiling. By the way, you can install spotlights in it, which is great for lighting a corridor.

Under the ceiling, a mezzanine is sometimes mounted just above the door frame. Since making a mezzanine in the corridor sometimes helps to solve the problem of storing rarely used things, it is sometimes a very important element of a small apartment corridor. The main thing that it was securely mounted on the wall. And so that this design does not press, it must be painted in the color of the ceiling.


When all the decoration is ready, it remains the most pleasant. You arrange the furniture. But you need to do it right. Hangers and wardrobes for clothes that you wear every day should be placed right at the door, so that you can take off your jacket or coat and hang them immediately, without going further down the corridor and not smearing it.

At the entrance you need to hang a mirror full-length so that you can look at yourself before you leave the house. About this mirror you can install two - three shelves for perfumes, keys, gloves, and other trifles, which should always be at hand.

Since it is very important to make a beautiful corridor, you can use artificial stone in the decoration, as well as photo wallpaper, you can install decorative shelves for frames and souvenirs, bringing backlighting to them.

Thus, when repairing the corridor, several important points need to be taken into account: beauty, functionality, reliability, resistance to pollution and humidity. Therefore, before proceeding to repair, you need to think carefully about everything. Taking into account all the subtleties, you will certainly make such a corridor that all your guests, and you yourself, will be delighted.

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