How to make a dragon mask with your own hands

How to make a dragon mask with your own handsWith the current diversity of Christmas costumes and masks with snowflakes and bunnies you will not surprise anyone. Children are increasingly choosing rather original outfits and, trying to please their beloved child, parents have to say goodbye to a rather impressive amount, for the sake of an interesting carnival costume for one matinee. The solution is to make the costume yourself. Today we will tell you how to make a dragon mask with your own hands. Believe me, even without special skills you will succeed at the first try.

How to make paper dragon mask

If you decide to save your family budget and make a New Year's mask yourself, then you need to have: a set of colored paper, cardboard, scissors, glue, rubber band (as long as the child's head circumference), markers. It is best to make a New Year's mask of cardboard, so it will be stronger and keep its shape well. If you have already stocked up with everything you need, you can proceed:

  • You can print a dragon mask and then cut it out. But, if you have good artistic skills - draw a layout. Try to make a sketch on plain paper, if it turned out successful, transfer it to a cardboard and cut it neatly. It will be much easier for you to guess with the size if you first make marks on the paper that correspond to the size of the child’s face;
  • at this stage, you need to try on a mask; If nothing needs to be customized, make holes for the elastic. Instead of the usual gum, you can take a satin ribbon or ribbon. It will look very original if you pass through several multicolored ribbons. It will turn out quite bright and colorful;How to make a dragon mask with your own hands
  • Now secure the tape and can be painted. In order to mask the dragon from cardboard was beautiful, use bright colors: red, green, yellow, orange or blue. Also, when choosing a color, consider the color of the other components of the New Year's costume. The edges of the dragon's head and eye openings and gum can be outlined with felt-tip pens for greater clarity;
  • from colored paper cut strips of different lengths.Of these, you can build a large dragon ears, mane or flames.

How to make a dragon mask with your own hands

You can also resort to a little trick, simply by printing the finished picture and pasting it onto the cardboard. But this, of course, will not look so impressive and interesting. And having made a dragon mask on your own, and even with your child, you will not only create something of your own and unique, but also introduce your child to joint work.

Decorate crafts

Just make a mask with your own hands a little, it still needs to be decorated. Especially festive and elegant on the carnival and New Year's costumes are sparkles, beads and various beads. You can buy all this in a haberdashery or in the department for needlework. It is very interesting to beat the sequins, as they strongly resemble fish or dragon scales. You can stick or sew them to the cardboard. You can also buy thin ribbons or braid, which will play the role of a luxurious mane. But you can turn on all your imagination and come up with some unusual details using buttons, paper, foil or other improvised means.

How to make a dragon mask with your own hands

Using our recommendations, you will definitely get a funny and beautiful dragon mask. And the joyful New Year's holiday for your child will be fun and unforgettable.

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