How to make a hall

The design of the hallway depends entirely on the taste of the owners, but the smaller the hallway, the stricter it should be when it is refurbished, two rules must be observed - minimalism in furniture and ease of maintenance. The necessary attributes of any hallway are a wardrobe, a mirror, a cabinet or stand for shoes and a mat for collecting street dust and dirt.
In a rare hallway there is a window that allows a sufficient amount of light to pass through, so lighting is particularly important when making the design; you cannot do with a single bulb on the ceiling. Much more for these purposes fit spotlights, directed in different directions so that the light accent is created in strictly certain places, for example, in a mirror or a closet with clothes. Do not direct the lamp to the front door, otherwise the person who entered the apartment will be blinded from the door.
Do not make walls with dark materials, pastel shades will not only makethe hallwaylighter, but also significantly expand its visual space.Oddly enough, but dothe hallwayvisually more help and sex. The color and material of the role does not play a special role, the main thing is that the floor does not end strictly at the threshold into the room, but as it were out of it. Several figured tiles, parquet areas, laminate flooring, or simply a carpet path that continues through the threshold, draw the eye to themselves and play the role of a path offering to pass inside the house.
The choice of furniture for the hallway will be entirely based on its size. A large hallway is more suitable for a roomy wardrobe, the doors of which will reliably hide the rows of street clothes, and you will have to restrict yourself to an open hanger in a small one. Be sure to think of a place for outdoor shoes. Shoes made on a special bookcase, will take much less space than left at the threshold. Yes, and dirt from wallowing shoes will be much more.
Try to maintain a uniform style when making a hallway. And in any case, do not arrange at the door of a warehouse of things. Bicycles, skis, old suitcases perfectly fit in other parts of the apartment - on the loggia, under the bed or on the mezzanine.It is better to spend the extra 5 minutes cleaning them up than stumbling over them several times a day. Do not be like Plyushkin, because, as has already been said, the entrance hall is the visiting card of your home.

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