How to make a Japanese manicure

Treat the cuticle with emollients and remedies: oil-scrub with jojoba and lotus, mineral serum and gel-scrub with seaweed. Carefully remove the cuticles with a wooden stick from Tatibun, a special sort of orange tree.
Serum containing extract of red tea, cucumber and vanilla, moisten the cuticle, this will have an antiseptic effect. After that, strengthen the nails with a special paste containing useful trace elements and minerals: pearl chips, quartz compounds and calcium ceramides. The surface of the nail is leveled and restored, and all irregularities, grooves and cracks are polished with a special saw from the softest calf skin.
Fix the obtained result with special powder Hon, which due to its structure remains on the nails in the form of a protective film. Due to its natural composition (beeswax and paraffin), it acts like a mask for nails,at the same time, it seals the nail plates from the negative environmental effects and nourishes them with useful substances for two weeks.
Complete the procedure by fixing and relaxing massage with special hot Atsui silk pads, filled with fragrant herbs and mineral salts, which improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue, tone up the skin of hands, nails and fingers.
The whole procedure in the cabin takes about 60 minutes. At home, it is possible to perform it in 1.5 hours. For a complete restoration of the nails just a few with a break between them in two weeks is enough. Within two weeks, the beneficial elements that were obtained during the procedure are completely absorbed.

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