How to make a money tree with your own hands: master classes with step by step photos


A beautiful money tree is not only a real plant with a thick trunk and bulky fleshy leaves. In the circle of needlewomen there is a concept associated with the money tree. Many skilled workers have already done topiary with coins or bills.

Also want to make a money tree with your own hands? If you use the step-by-step master classes presented below with a photo and watch a few selected video clips, you can make an incredibly beautiful, stylish, voluminous money tree. This craft in the pot will be a great interior decoration. However, the benefits of this product is not only this. It is believed that such crafts bring home financial well-being, joy, success, happiness, the ability to achieve career heights. This souvenir can be presented to relatives just for fun or for a holiday.

Step-by-step master class on creating the original money tree


Make a money tree with your own hands to decorate the interior or as a gift is simple. To do this, simply use the instruction with step by step photos below.

Necessary materials and tools

To make a money tree with our own hands, we need a set of certain materials and tools. So, what do we need to work? It is recommended to prepare this:

  • flower pot;
  • a set of toy bills;
  • gypsum or plasticine;
  • sisal;
  • stem stick;
  • glue gun;
  • several satin ribbons of green color;
  • twine;
  • scissors;
  • Styrofoam.


To make a luxurious money tree from banknotes, you must first choose a container for the future tree. For him, even a small plastic cup will do. Do not be afraid. This capacity will not be visible. In the future, it closes the decor. As a weighting base, you can take gypsum, but ordinary clay will do as well, since the product is easy enough and will not fall. For decoration you can take sisal. If it was not found, then any unusual paper that fits into the color range will do. As for the sticks for the trunk, you can buy special tools.You can also use chopsticks for sushi, ordinary twigs or wire. Such budget options can be draped with satin ribbons or twine. But the most important thing is the selection of foam on the base. Without it, our crafts simply will not work. When all materials are prepared, you can safely get to work.

Step by step instructions with photos

Work on such an article is incredibly exciting and interesting. Making money tree with your own hands out of bills is quite simple.

  1. First of all we need to take the prepared tank. If you use clay, then you need to tamp it in the selected cup. It is not necessary to fill the entire container with it. Also at this step is to measure the wand. Do not forget to leave a stock in order to fix the top, on which our notes will be fixed in the future.


  1. Following the MK to create a money tree with your own hands from bills, then you need to do foam with a blank cut out of it. The shape and size you choose yourself. The figure can be any. However, the classic is a ball. The master class is also aimed at creating a classical round base.Keep in mind: the larger your ball in size, the more magnificent will be the crown of our future money tree with bills.


On a note! If you do not want to do extra work, you can immediately buy a round billet for topiary foam. In specialized stores, such a detail is worth a penny.

  1. Now you need to arrange our capacity. To do this, sisal or other fabric or paper, which you have chosen for the design, is taken. Fix the material with an adhesive gun. But remember that too much of the fixing layer should not be applied, because it can bleed through sisal. Because of this, you can burn yourself, and the capacity will look untidy and ugly. In addition, if you choose a plastic base, then under the influence of too much hot glue, it can melt or deform. For additional fastening tie a container decorated with sisal, satin ribbon. In the decorated container you will need to insert a barrel. This must be done thoroughly, since the integrity of the structure as a whole depends on its stability. Properly tamp the surface next to the barrel.Cover everything with sisal on top. At the top of the barrel will need to fix the ball of foam.


Note! Preliminary it is necessary to try the ball on the barrel. You need to make a deepening in it and fill it with glue. As much as possible, hold the foam ball on the barrel. This is necessary to ensure that it is properly fixed, because the adhesive base does not grasp immediately.

  1. Next you need to get down to the most interesting. This is the preparation of our decor. For this you need to take artificial money, you need to cut all the bills into two parts, in half. Many people often wonder how many sliced ​​souvenir bills are needed to decorate topiary. It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer, since the foam bases can differ significantly in size. That is why it is recommended for each needlewoman to be guided by her own individual conditions. But too much to cut bills, too, is not worth it. This is a waste of time and effort. Better then cut the missing items.


  1. Now we need to do the folding of our blanks. It takes half a bill. It is necessary to roll on the principle of the bag.


  1. Then she folds along in half.


  1. Next you need to bend again.


  1. The result is a design that resembles two small pockets. It is not required to smooth the resulting blank from bills.


  1. While holding a paper element with your fingers, you need to drop a little glue on its tip. The paper blank is glued to the foam base.


  1. To glue the foam ball is needed from the bottom, the billets are fixed in rows, covering the ball completely up to the top. The distance between them must be determined individually. The main thing - do not leave empty seats. Foam again should not shine! It remains only to decorate topiary. Here you can give free rein to your imagination. The composition can be supplemented with beads, rhinestones, satin ribbons, coins, anything. Moreover, if you plan to give a ready-made tree to someone close to you, then supplement the money tree with real bills. Beautifully fold and tie a string of money, attach them to the trunk of a tree or lay it on top of a sisal.


Here we have succeeded in such an unusually stylish, beautiful, original money tree.

MK to create a lush tree of bills


Here is another money tree option that you can make with your own hands. This product looks very airy and stylish. The crown for this topiary is also created from paper notes. Such a tree of money can become a talisman for the house or a wonderful president for friends or loved ones.

Necessary materials and tools

What do we need to make such a money tree? To work you need to prepare:

  • 200 bills from the bank of jokes;
  • toothpicks;
  • sisal;
  • trunk;
  • toothpicks;
  • foam base;
  • architectural plaster;
  • varied decor;
  • glue gun.

If you want to make a money tree-topiary of real money, then prepare small bills in the amount of 200 pieces.

Step by step instructions with photos

Even a child can create such a money tree with his own hands.

  1. The first step is to prepare all the necessary materials. You can see them in the photo below. As you can see, we will not need any especially rare materials or tools for creating such topiary.


  1. Next you need to do the preparation of bills. If you use them entirely, then the tree will turn out too big.That is why it is recommended to cut paper money from the bank of jokes in half. Of these, you need to roll up the so-called pound. It is recommended to glue toothpicks into some pieces. But it will also be necessary to fix the halves of wooden skewers. Since the manufacture of funtikov takes a long time, do this work in several stages. Otherwise, the process will quickly bother you, and you will lose interest in creating such a money tree.


On a note! It is recommended to calculate in advance the exact required amount of paper blanks. If you are using a standard foam base (5 cm ball), then you need to start to make about 70 pieces of artificial bills. If there are not enough of them, then you can always add new funets.

  1. Now you need to create a crown for our money tree. To do this, the foam ball is fixed to the trunk. To do this, use a glue gun. Now you need to glue in the ball blanks, equipped with toothpicks. The needlewomen often call them beacons. For such crafts optimally use about 20 such blanks.All the other paper elements will be placed between them.


  1. It is recommended to glue them in groups: it is convenient and fast. But do not forget that toothpicks must be lubricated with a solution from a glue gun. That's what we did.


  1. All space between our boys must be filled with the rest of the paper blanks. Between the funtikami it is recommended in some places to glue sisal fibers. They will make our tree more spacious, lush, beautiful.


  1. Now you need to do the pot. Capacity is taken. This may be an ordinary flower pot. It needs to be filled with architectural plaster. But first, do not forget to fill it with foam polystyrene cubes, they need to be cast in plaster.


On a note! If you fill the whole capacity with gypsum entirely, it will turn out to be too heavy.

The trunk of the topiary is inserted in the center. While the plaster is not frozen, you need to decorate the pot. For this, sisal is used to make grass. It can be decorated with various decorative elements. Optimal for this use a glue gun. What can be used as a decor? This will suit a variety of elements: flowers, keys, beads, herbs, rhinestones, birds. Of course, you do not need to use everything right away. You can choose only what you like.

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