How to make a mousetrap

The issue of fighting mice was constantly relevant. This problem is especially present in the private sector of small towns and in rural areas. You can buy a ready-made mousetrap, but not all of them are effective enough. And not everywhere they are sold. In this article you will learn how to make a mousetrap with your own hands without the use of sophisticated devices and from scrap materials. Different options have a different mechanism of action. Both humane methods of rodent control are offered, when mice remain alive, and inhumane, implying the death of a rodent. Which version of the mousetrap to stop is up to you.


Mousetrap out of the box with burdock.



Such a homemade mousetrap is not quite normal. The thing is that you will not need to free her from rodents that got there. The basis of such a mousetrap are thorny inflorescences of burdock - nipples. They stick to the rodent's coat, and restrain its movement. Neither the mouse nor the rat is able to cleanse itself of such thorns.To lead a full-fledged way of life such a rodent can not. Movement bound, thorns cling to any obstacles. Such a mouse will soon become prey to a cat, or will die of starvation. Such a simple device is not humane. It leads to the death of rodents trapped there.

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