How to make a packing bag without a pattern in 5 minutes

I recently encountered the problem of how to properly and beautifully pack my products. And today I want to share a master class, how to simulate in 5 minutes without any patterns and correctly fold such a packaging bag. I use it mainly for dolls, but it can come to other products, it is universal. Let's get started

We will need double sided tape, scissors, satin ribbon, hole punch and paper itself. She can be any. I sometimes buy wrappers in flower shops, it costs 5 rubles, but we have it :) In this master class I took kraft paper. Paper size can also be different, as you like :)

Laying the line side adhesive tape.

And stick it so that the paper neatly lay down.

That's how I do it.

This is what should happen:

Bend need sides for the volume of the package. Thickness also depends on the product that will be in it.

Make the bottom of the package, as shown in the figure for this scheme :)

Well, in general, ready.

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