How to make a scrub for stretch marks?

You will need
  • Coffee grounds, salt (preferably if it is sea salt with large granules), moisturizing body lotion, or cream.
Two tablespoons of coffee grounds to put in a bowl. Add a tablespoon of sea salt. Stir, give the granules a little dissolve the salt, so that they are not so sharp. This amount of the mixture should be enough for the whole body.
After a shower on clean skin, apply a scrub of coffee and salt. Massage your skin in a circular motion. Pay special attention to the legs and bottom, massage them with two hands, from the bottom up (the scrub also fights cellulite). Allow at least five minutes for each problem area of ​​the skin. Thus you remove the dead skin layers, causing it to regenerate faster.
After the procedure, apply a skin lotion or cream. It will moisturize and soften the skin, which will help it recover faster.

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