How to make a shelf for VAZ 2109

First, mark the shelf template. As a piece, you can take a decorative upholstery back shelf. After that you will need a ruler and a tape measure. With their help, you can adjust the size of the future acoustic shelf. Also immediately mark the holes for the speakers. The layout of the template must be given a lot of attention. This stage of work is practically the most difficult and responsible. It is best to make the dimensions a little larger than necessary. You can always cut off the extra parts. Try to make the holes for the speakers matched perfectly.
Try to putshelfto the designated place. If necessary, cut a few centimeters on each side. To work, you must have 2 sheets of plywood. The second sheet is cut in the image of the fitted first sheet. After that, you will need to glue them well. Apply glue over the entire surface of both sheets. The result should be a monolithic board.Its thickness is usually 15 mm. Pay attention to the dynamics. They can protrude strongly above the shelf. This will in any case make it harder for the shelf to fasten with a CARPET. To solve the problem you will need another sheet of plywood. Cut it in the shape of the finished shelf. Under the speakers make holes of larger diameter.
The shelf must fit snugly to the body. For this purpose, apply a dense, but at the same time deformable material on its lower side in certain places. It is recommended to use macroflex. Soak it in advance in water. After solidification, this material has good strength. You can cut it with a knife already in place.
As a result, you must have a fittedshelfwith installed speakers. It remains only to sheathe Carpet and mount into place. Cut Carpet on the size and shape of the shelf. Add 5 cm to each edge. The fabric should be folded and attached to the ends of the shelf. U-shaped clips are usually used for fastening.

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