How to make a slope of drywall window

You will need
  • Spatula, construction level, knife for cutting drywall, roller, putty, primer, acrylic paint, perforated corners, reinforcing tape.
Buy waterproof sheetsdrywall. Using a cutting knifedrywall, make blanks for the top and sideslopes. Prepare old slopes for work. To do this, remove the layer of plaster and gently apply a primer. Wait until a thin film appears on the primed places, only then you can proceed to further work. This usually happens in a couple of hours.
Knead glue to medium density. Cut outdrywallworkpiece for the upper slope. Apply glue to it, making large and fairly rare strokes, and press drywall, putting it on the right place. Be sure to start work from the upper slope so that the side slopes tightly pressed it in the future.
Fix the right and left parts in the same way.Check the installationslopesofdrywallusing a level. Drywall should fit snugly to the surface, on the side slopes it should be perpendicular to the floor. Install the perforated corners and seal the joints of the top and sideslopesusing reinforcing tape. You can also use plaster of plaster or ordinary putty.
After the corners are set, begin to putty, making two layers. The interval between the layers is two hours. For the second layer, use a finishing putty material, which after drying should be polished using an abrasive mesh N 130-150. Achieve a stripping surfaceslopesbecame smooth and completely flat.
Cover new slopes with a primer. Wait for the coating to dry and paint it. Use acrylic paint in two layers. Choose the paint color that matches the color of the window frames. The interval between application should be at least two hours. After drying the paint your slopes are ready.

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