How to make a wife happy

A man should be the head of the family. Confident, ready to solve all family problems and provide loved ones with everything they need. A woman dreams of being behind her husband, as if behind a stone wall, protected and confident in his power.
Chat with your wife. It is a great pleasure for a woman to tell a spouse about everything in the world. It is very important for her to know your opinion on what hairstyle is best done, what color of dress to choose, because everything is done to make you like it.
Try, at least sometimes, to help his wife with household chores. You can go shopping together, cook dinner, so the spouses can spend fruitful time together.
A happy woman must feel attractive and desirable. Do not forget to make compliments, take care of your spouse, often present even small surprises and give flowers on a typical day without a special reason, which is much more pleasant than a planned birthday bouquet.
Never allow yourself to humiliate and insult your wife.No troubles at work and in affairs do not give you the right to break into close ones. A calm, wise woman will understand the cause of your anger, but the bitter sediment in the soul will remain for a long time.
Try to keep your family innuendos, it can seriously affect the trust between the spouses. Do not provoke a feeling of jealousy in your wife, you should not admire another woman with her. A happy woman, confident in herself and her beloved husband, she does not spend strength and nerves on clarifying relationships and searching for evidence confirming adultery.
Help your woman feel confident. Encourage her to develop, to engage in their hobbies. It is necessary to show that she is a close friend to you, her advice and her opinion are important.
Do not forget to confess to your wife in love. Women are much more emotional than men. At any age they remain sensitive, and the absence of such words makes one doubt whether she is so dear to her husband now.
A happy woman always has a real man. Think and act like a real man. If in public you are an elegant, affable man, do not allow yourself to return to grumbling when you return home for any reason and with a stone face you will fall into the computer.

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