How to make an Easter bunny?

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How to make an Easter bunny?

There are a number of traditions that are held on the most important religious holiday - on Easter. For example, on this day it is customary to make Easter hares. True, this tradition is most common among Catholics, but lately it has become increasingly popular among Orthodox.

Making an Easter bunny is pretty simple. Consider two ways to make Easter hares - from paper and fabric.

Paper hare

How to make an Easter bunny out of paper:

  1. Remove the red, green or blue paper and cut 2 squares.
  2. Place the first square face down, twist diagonally.
  3. You will get a triangle, turn it upward and fold the upper corners to the lower ones, so that in the end you have a diamond.
  4. You will see the free corner pieces, bend them vertically upwards.
  5. Now flip your work vertically and bend the top corner down first. This is a pet face. And then upstairs - this is a bunny nose.
  6. Again, turn your work to the opposite opposite vertical.Hareaxis side. Side corners wrap to the center.
  7. Take the bottom corner (ie, 1 layer of paper) and bend upwards.
  8. Work now flip to the opposite side vertically. The top of the hare is ready.
  9. Next, we make the lower part, in which the Easter egg will lie. To do this, take the second square. Mark the middle of each side.
  10. Fold the corners so that they are all in the center of the square.
  11. Arrange the craft so that the corners are directed up, down and sideways. Wrap the top corner to the middle down, the bottom - up.
  12. Now twist the work in half horizontally and turn it long side down. Roll it around so that one sharp corner fits into the other.
  13. Get a crack where you want to insert the top of the hare.
  14. Insert one corner of the holder into another, form the ears. On the face you can paint on the antennae, nose, eyes.

Fabric hare

From the fabric bunny make harder. You will need small pieces of cotton or cotton to create an Easter bunny.

  1. Prepare paper templates for hares, then attach them to the fabric, circle and cut.When preparing templates, be aware that you will needHareseam allowances. Two paper patterns can be made: the hare is completely in front and completely behind. Cut fabric details from these patterns.
  2. Where you have the front side, carefully embroider the muzzle. It is possible to use various buttons or threads for this, for example, to make eyes from buttons, and a mouth from threads.
  3. Sew a hare by hand or on a typewriter, but do not forget to leave a hole for further stuffing the toy.
  4. Turn out the toy, tamp with it with a padding polyester or cotton wool and sew it with a secret stitch. Optionally, you can sew bunny paws, and you can leave it.

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