How to make an original wallet with your own hands?

If you want to become the owner of an original and exclusive wallet, you do not need to go shopping. Such an accessory, if desired, and the availability of some materials can be made with your own hands at home.

Wallets production options

So, how to make an original wallet with your own hands? We offer several interesting ways.

Method one

An interesting and simple wallet with your own hands can be made from paper. Here is what you need:

  • a sheet of thick colored paper (suitable standard A4 format);
  • scissors;
  • decorative items optional.


  1. First you need to cut a square out of paper. It is advisable to take a paper that is painted on both sides, so that not only the outer part of the wallet, but also the inside one is beautiful.
  2. Fold the sheet in half vertically.
  3. Then bend the corners on each side.
  4. Then the corners formed on the sides also bend to the central part.
  5. Now bend the edges to the center so that they are located next to each other.
  6. Then turn the sheet over and bend the edges of the part above and below.
  7. Then the workpiece is bent in half vertically.
  8. You must have two pockets: each will have a triangle. One of them should be available to act as a purse valve.
  9. Then you can decorate the purse.
  10. An interesting accessory made using origami technique is ready for use.

Second way

If you want to get a women's textile wallet, then you need to prepare such accessories and tools:

  • dense textile material for the exterior;
  • lining fabric;
  • soft material for the inside;
  • sealing material for a kind of frame, for example, thick cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • marker or chalk for fabrics;
  • sewing machine and thread;
  • button or magnetic clasp;
  • all-purpose adhesive;
  • any decorative elements (rhinestones, applications, sequins).

Description of the manufacturing process:

  1. First you need to do all the work. To do this, cut out the outer, lining and soft fabrics into an equal piece of 23x30 centimeters in size.Also prepare three pieces of sealing material. The length of one will be 29 cm, and the width - 8-9 cm. You also need two of the same pieces of lining fabric.
  2. It is possible to divide at once all pieces of fabric in width into three equal parts in order to prepare the marking for stitching.
  3. Then fold all the pieces: down the outer side of the outer material, then soft, then the three sealing segments according to the markings, and then the lining cloth. Stitching it all up, best with an overlock stitch so that there are no ugly edges left.
  4. Then, from the lining material, cut two equilateral triangles with a length of one side equal to 9 cm.
  5. Fold the workpiece by marking: first, on the drawn line, bend the bottom part, and then on top of it place the top: it will be the accessory valve.
  6. Between the parts of the main part of the sides glue the lining fabric so that the money does not fall out.
  7. Next, the remaining piece of sealing material on both sides, glue with lining fabric, glue the item to the bottom of the wallet. This part will separate paper notes and fines.
  8. Now it remains to fix the clasp and decorate the accessory with rhinestones, sequins and other elements.

Third way

You can make a simple wallet for a small amount of money this way. Here is what you need to prepare:

  • any thick fabric;
  • lining fabric (it must also be durable so that the accessory does not tear during active use);
  • scissors;
  • thread and needle;
  • Castle.


  1. First, determine the size of your future wallet and cut out the blank according to them. Multiply by two the required width and add a couple of centimeters. Also, two centimeters must be added to the length. Draw this rectangle on the main and seam fabrics, cut the blanks with scissors.
  2. Next, you need to combine the two materials with several stitches: the front side of the main fabric should remain outside.
  3. Fold the double-layered triangle in half inward with the front side, sew the side edges.
  4. You will have a kind of bag, and it must be turned out.
  5. A clasp is attached to the free edges.

Fourth way

Trendy and stylish wallet will be made of suede. Here is what you need to make:

  • suede;
  • thick needle;
  • bright threads of a floss;
  • scissors;
  • chalk;
  • clasp;
  • applique or piece of felt.


  1. First do the workpiece.To do this, put a simple drawing on the suede: a figure consisting of three equal rectangles (the size of one will correspond to the desired size of the future wallet).
  2. Cut out the part and put it on the markup: first wrap the bottom rectangle, and the top rectangle over it.
  3. The lateral edges of the middle and lower triangle must be joined by sewing together. Also for fixing, you can use rivets or universal glue.
  4. Now fasten the clasp on the wrong side of the valve, immediately stitching an appliqué to its front side (it can be made from felt with your own hands).
  5. An interesting and very soft and pleasant to the touch wallet is ready!

Now you can make an exclusive wallet for yourself or please your friend or relative with an original accessory.

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