How to make aromakamni with their own hands?

To decorate an apartment or house and create a special atmosphere, it is not necessary to go to the store and purchase expensive accessories. Try your own hands to make unusual aroma stones.

What are aroma stones, why are they needed?

Aromakamen is an original accessory made in the form of a smooth or shaped stone and made, as a rule, of a porous material that absorbs essential oils and gradually evaporates them.

Aromakamni used for flavoring various rooms: bathroom, office, kitchen, living room, bedroom, office. Put a few pieces on a tray, in a beautiful plate or low vase. If you put such an accessory in the closet, you will smell good clothes and underwear.

With the help of stones, you can hold aromatherapy sessions, create a special relaxing or, on the contrary, exciting atmosphere, arrange romantic evenings. And if you use the essential oils of tea tree or eucalyptus, then aroma stones will be a good prevention of colds.

We produce aroma

How to make useful and original aroma stones? We offer two simple ways.

Method one

Prepare everything you need:

  • half a cup of flour;
  • half a cup of salt (better than fine grinding);
  • a quarter of a glass of water;
  • small spoon of vegetable oil;
  • food coloring;
  • 10-15 drops of essential oil;
  • two bowls;
  • optional molds and curly prints.


  1. In one container you need to combine and thoroughly mix the dry ingredients - salt and flour. Optionally, you can also add chopped fragrant dried herbs.
  2. In another container, mix water with vegetable and essential oils, food coloring. Determine the number of the latter yourself and remember that it will affect the saturation of the final shade of the accessory.
  3. Add the liquid mixture in parts to the dry composition, start kneading the dough, which should turn out to be rather dense and homogeneous. If necessary, add flour or water.
  4. Form pebbles. You can do it by hand, rolling balls or other figures. You can also use silicone molds for ice to create more original aroma stones.On their surface for decor make embossed prints with the help of impressions.
  5. Leave the stones to dry, and when they become absolutely solid, start using them.

Tip: You can combine several dyes to get an interesting pattern or unusual shade. For decoration use rhinestones or sequins, fixing them on a still soft dough.

Second way

The hands can be made from cast gypsum. Here's what you'll need:

  • gypsum (can be replaced with alabaster);
  • a small piece of clay, preferably white;
  • water;
  • tank for the preparation of the solution;
  • molds for pouring and hardening plaster (it is better to take silicone, it is easier to separate ready-made stones from them);
  • PVA glue;
  • acrylic paint and brush;
  • sandpaper or a wide nail file.

Description of the manufacturing process:

  1. Take the form, at its bottom fix a piece of clay (form a ball or a kind of tablet out of it). It is necessary, that on a surface of a ready stone there was a small cavity for essential oils.
  2. Add plaster to the tank, gradually add warm water to it. If you use hot, the mixture will bubble, and the cold will cause lumps.Also add some PVA glue to adhere the components. In the end, after stirring, you should get a mixture that is sour cream in consistency: not very thick, but not liquid.
  3. Pour the mass into a mold with a piece of plasticine on the bottom. Leave it to plaster. When he begins to harden, you can remove the figures from the form and leave to dry on the windowsill or in the fresh air.
  4. Paint the dried stones with acrylic paints, you can also varnish them. In the remaining small cavity drip essential oils to their fragrance spread around the room.

Tip: if you wish, use the decoupage technique: lubricate the surface with PVA glue and attach a paper napkin with a pattern to it, then let the stone dry.

What oils to use?

In order to make homemade aromakamni not only served as an interior decoration, but also benefited, you should take a responsible approach to the choice of essential oils, because they have different properties and can have a pronounced effect on mood, emotional state and health.

Action and properties of some oils:

  • Increase the overall tone of the oil of bergamot, ginger, rosemary, cedar, lemon.
  • They have a relaxing effect of oil of sandalwood, lavender, incense, vanilla, ylang-ylang.
  • Citrus oils perfectly invigorate and elevate mood, charging with positive.
  • Tea tree, pine, thyme, lemon have bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • To prevent colds and strengthen immunity, use oils of eucalyptus, fir, cedar, tea tree.

Do your own hands useful and original aroma stones to create a unique atmosphere, decorate the interior, as well as improve mood and improve health.

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