How to make deodorant at home

Modern man is quite difficult to imagine his life without deodorants and antiperspirants. Doctors around the world categorically expressed about these tools. In their opinion, deodorants have a negative effect on the body. Arguing this is that they contain harmful substances that provoke the development of cancer. Not surprisingly, more and more people are looking for other ways to deal with the smell of sweat. A great alternative to factory-made products are folk remedies. Antiperspirant can be prepared by yourself. The advantages of such a deodorant are obvious: the safety and naturalness of the components in its composition.

To date, there are many recipes, cooking antiperspirant at home. This allows each person to choose the best option.

Wax deodorant

Melted wax is mixed with refined olive oil.To give the deodorant a pleasant smell, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. The resulting mixture is poured into a container, put in a dark cool place. Antiperspirant can be used after it hardens.

Natural deodorant

Corn starch is mixed with soda and tea tree oil. To obtain a solid deodorant, you must use coconut oil. Pour the resulting mass into the container and put in a cool place. Antiperspirant can be used after about two days.

Soda Deodorant

Heated coconut oil is thoroughly mixed with baking soda. Then add essential oils to your taste. Pour into a container and leave until the mixture hardens well.

Deodorant antiseptic

The coconut oil melted in a water bath is mixed with essential oils (thyme, lavender and rosemary) and castor oil is added. After a couple of days, deodorant can be used.

Deodorant for tender skin

Melted coconut milk is mixed with beeswax and white clay. Then add rosemary oil and shea. Begin to use after curing.

Cleopatra deodorant

Cleopatra's beauty recipes are still used today. According to her recipes you can cook and deodorant. Its main ingredient is grape seed oil. It is mixed with tea tree and rosemary oils. The shelf life of such an antiperspirant is not more than three months. Therefore, it is not necessary to prepare it in reserve.

Many women who have experienced natural deodorants will never return to those that are sold in the store.

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