How to make money online teen

������The easiest way for teens to earn on various sites dedicated to the implementation of tasks. For example, the project YouDo is designed to search for artists for any orders. Very often there are overshoot items like "help clean up the garden" or "paint the fence." A teenager can easily find an occupation that will be to his liking. In addition, customers on this site pay quite well.
An alternative to YouDo is the WorkZilla project, but the tasks here are often electronic. For example, you may be asked to fill in the scanned pages in Excel. The task is easy, but quite routine. If you are not afraid of such work, you can try yourself in this area.
You can also write comments and reviews on various websites for the order. There is nothing complicated about it. Just read the article carefully or examine the product. The largest exchange in this area is QComment, however there are other analogues (for example, wpcomment or forumok). Earnings are not very big, but it is enough for the needs of a teenager.


First, determine the direction in which you will work. In principle, you can find work on the Internet in almost any specialty, but the most common are the following areas: article writing, translation, design, programming, site management, optimization, marketing, video creation and several others. It is better to focus on one thing than to be sprayed on several specializations at once.
Then register on the freelance exchanges (Freelance, Weblancer, Freelancejob). These are projects on which customers are looking for remote performers for any tasks. Fill out the profile, write a few works for the portfolio and you can send applications for participation. You will only get a job if you are chosen as a performer. Remember that freelancing is the same job and you also have to pay taxes from it.

Own projects

You can also create any own project. For example, if you play any online game, you can create a website or group on a social network in which you will lay out various secrets, tips and tricks. Very soon, interested users will begin to appear on your resource.

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