How to make out eyebrows

You will need
  • Antiseptic and disinfectants, tweezers, light and dark pencil, cotton pad, warm water, nail scissors.
The initial design of the eyebrows must be carried out in the salon, and then simply maintain the necessary shape. Before you start making eyebrows, you need to comb them well, using a brush of medium hardness. Speakers and long hairs removed with tweezers.
Next, you need to handle all the tools that will be used for plucking eyebrows, disinfectant.
The most beautiful and regular form of eyebrows is considered when the greatest density of eyebrows is concentrated above the inner corner of the eye, and gradually the line becomes thinner, going to the outer corner. The largest bend should be near the end.eyebrows.
Each hair that falls out of the eyebrow line must be well separated, otherwise it can form a non-brow patch, which then will have to be disguised with a pencil.

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