How to make toasts?

Natalya Safonova
Natalya Safonova
October 20, 2014
How to make toasts?

Often, getting up at work in the morning, I would like breakfast preparation to take a lot of time. Toasting can be one of the express options. How to make toasts?

With toaster

If you have a toaster, the whole process will take a few minutes. You just need to take the pre-cut pieces of bread and put them in the toaster. Then press the button, select the degree of roasting, and wait a minute or two. Toasts will pop out immediately after readiness. Use forceps or a fork, so as not to burn your fingers.

No toaster

If you do not have a toaster, then you can fry the slices of bread in a pan in butter or vegetable oil on both sides. To decorate the finished toast, you can use greens, walnuts, cream cheese.

Bon Appetit!

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