How to make water distribution

You will need
  • - polypropylene pipes РN-20 with a diameter of 20 and 25 mm;
  • - scissors for cutting pipes;
  • - rozhkovy keys;
  • - soldering iron for soldering pipes;
  • - fittings (tee, angle of 45 and 90 degrees);
  • - water meters;
  • - cap nuts;
  • - Ball Valves.
Get startedwiringwater pipes in the apartment from the ball valves on the risers hot and coldwater. After ball valves with open-ended wrenches, install pre-filters (mud removers) together with metering counterswater(hydrometers), cap nuts and further pipes cold and hotwater. For tube turns and bends, use the angles of 45 or 90 degrees.
Using a level, mark up the position of the pipes (for example, a hot pipewaterpasses over the cold pipewater). For fastening pipes, use special flat clips, which are installed on the wall every 50-60 cm. Cold and hot supply pipes.waterlay along the walls, securing them with installed clips.Minimize the joints and turns of the pipes to facilitate installation.
Install the plumbing using a special soldering iron heated to a temperature of 250 ° C. Heat the connecting parts with a soldering iron for 6 seconds and dock tightly. The result is a very strong connection. For cutting pipes, use special scissors, and in the absence of those - a hacksaw for metal.
Connection to the water supply mixers and nodes - consumerswaterDirectly to each point through tees with flexible reinforced hoses. To feed pipewaterFor convenience, place a separate ball valve for convenience.

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