How to make your own summer cottage?

The dacha for many is a place of rest from the city vanity and relaxation. And to enjoy the pastime here, choose the right design of the dacha. For you some interesting ideas.

Resting place

Features of the cottage design

To begin with, let's list the design features of the villa:

  • Conciseness and simplicity. You must admit that at the dacha you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle! And that's why the interior should not be too aggressive and bright. Let everything be simple.
  • Comfort This feature is very, very important. You must do everything so that in the country house you want to enjoy the warmth and quietness. Therefore, no futuristic and other complex elements.
  • The use of scrap materials. A dacha is a place in which many take away a variety of old things that are so dear to the heart and are forced to sink into memories. So, so that such objects do not gather dust and do not occupy space, make something beautiful, original and cute from them with your own hands.
  • Use for finishing inexpensive materials.You should not paste over walls with expensive wall-papers with silk-screen printing, it will look ridiculous. But the lining, which, for the most part, is not used for finishing residential premises, will look very harmonious at the dacha.
  • Freedom of choice. If in an apartment or at home many people try to achieve perfect combinations, regularities and strict conformity to style, then at the dacha it is not necessary. You can dream up and add something special to the interior. And from this the design will not be spoiled, but, on the contrary, will sparkle with bright colors.

How to decide?


So, how to choose the interior design problem? Before dwelling on some stylistic direction, you should pay attention to a few points:

  • The area of ​​the cottage. This criterion is important, because the main task of arranging the interior of a small room is to make it as comfortable and more spacious as possible. But if the house is spacious, then it is possible not to think about cutting out extra centimeters.
  • Lighting. Agree, in too dark room will be uncomfortable. Therefore, if the natural lighting is insufficient, add it artificial and use some tricks and tricks: givepreferring bright warm tones, pay attention to mirrors and shiny surfaces that will reflect light.
  • Budget. In fact, the arrangement of the interior dacha can be very, very economical. Using inexpensive materials, your own strength and imagination, you can create a unique design without spending a lot of money.
  • Preferences. For most families, a dacha is a place of rest and relaxation, so it should evoke only positive emotions. And for this, listen to your feelings when you make this place and throw aside all the stereotypes and rules. Here you can create and fantasize, regardless of stylistic principles and cliches.



We offer several interesting ideas and options for the design of the villa.

Country Style

Soothing atmosphere

Country translated from English means "village". But this is not a simple Russian or Ukrainian village, which is known to all. Country music is something simple, cozy, but at the same time very sweet and even romantic. Some tips:

  • The walls can be painted, the panels are necessarily made of light wood or glued with cute wallpaper with plain drawings.
  • The ideal floor in such a house is wooden.
  • Pay special attention to textiles. Topical bedspreads, small pillows, various curtains and so on.
  • In the living room, put simple chairs and a sofa, upholstered in thick fabric. Put a wooden coffee table in front of the sofa. Hang shelves on the wall, place family photos and books on them. And on the floor spread a small mat with simple patterns.
  • In the bedroom, place a high wooden bed, a wooden wardrobe, a wooden dressing table, a bedside table made of light wood and a pouf. Hang a picture on the wall with a landscape.
  • The kitchen should be comfortable and spacious. It is better to give preference to the built-in technology and disguise it. Place small cabinets on the walls. In the middle let them stand a round wooden table and upholstered chairs.

Russian village

In Russian style

Imagine a real Russian hut with a stove. That could be your cottage. Tips and rules:

  • If the house is wooden, the walls can be left untouched, this will be the best option. Concrete walls can be plastered.
  • The floor is only wooden.
  • Whiten the ceiling.
  • In the living room, instead of the sofa, place the couch, lay out on it pillows with embroidery or fabric applications.
  • An ordinary shower or bathroom can be turned into a bath.Wall, floor and ceiling are enclosed with wooden moisture-resistant clapboard. Bath can also be hidden in the same wall paneling. Hang a wooden cabinet on the wall, place a mirror next to it.
  • In the bedroom, put an iron or wooden bed with a large headboard and a wardrobe.
  • Do not forget about palaces, bedspreads, napkins, tablecloths and other textile elements.


Cozy option

Provence is a French province, that is, a village. By choosing this style, you will get an interesting, elegant and at the same time cozy country house.

Fundamental rules:

  • Use old items and things: peeled cabinets, cabinets, tables and so on. All this will be enough to cover with a single layer of paint and sandpaper. As a result, you get interesting antique gizmos.
  • Forged items are appropriate.
  • The interior is dominated by light pastel colors: milk, peach, lime, blue, ivory, beige.
  • Arrange around the perimeter of the room candlesticks.
  • In the center of the living room place a cute sofa. Opposite put an old coffee table.
  • In the bedroom place a large iron bed, painted, but as if an old wardrobe, ottoman on forged legs and a large dressing table with a mirror.
  • Do not forget to hang on the walls cute small paintings with still lifes, landscapes or portraits.You can also use black and white photos for framing.
  • More textiles and flowers in pots!

Sea style

Sea style is suitable for a small cottage. It is a bit like country, but it is dominated by blue tones and sea attributes. So, on bedspreads, pillows and tablecloths gulls, ships or starfish can flaunt. Instead of a coffee table, you can use a chest. On the walls, by all means hang pictures that will remind you of the sea and everything connected with it.

East style

For finishing you can use a tile, decorative relief plaster. For decoration use mosaic, stained glass. Carpets should always be long-piled and decorated with traditional oriental ornaments. And more fabrics, with expensive and noble ones, such as brocade, silk, tulle.

Garden design

Do not forget about the yard

The landscape design of the garden plot is also important, because in the warm season it is here that the whole family will gather. Several interesting options:

  • Garden of Eden. Divide the area into several sections, plant different plants on them: roses, garden trees, shrubs, and so on.And let all these sites communicate with each other using paths paved with pebbles or stones. Do not forget to place around the perimeter of your marvelous garden lanterns and interesting statues of fairies, gnomes and other fantastic creatures, without which the garden will not be fabulous.
  • Create a patio on the site - patio, surrounded on all sides. As a fence for this corner, you can use a fence, a wall of a house, a screen, green spaces, a decorative grid, and so on. And inside the patio place a wicker table and chairs.
  • Oasis. Divide the plot into zones. In one, let there be a pool or an artificial pond, in the other - a relaxation area (here you can put a swing), in the third - a zone of holidays and celebrations (here place the table, chairs and barbecue facilities).

Let the dacha become a place for you in which it will be pleasant to rest, relax and enjoy your time.

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