How to measure 45 minutes

Find a faulty microwave that cannot be repaired. It must be electronically controlled (mechanical timers do not have the required accuracy).
Open the furnace body. Despite the fact that the high-voltage capacitor is now most likely in a discharged state, still do not touch it or any other power parts of the furnace: a magnetron, a large power transformer, high-voltage diode.
Carefully disconnect all connectors from the front panel. Remove it along with the board and keyboard.
The front panel has its own small power transformer. Connect to its primary winding, designed for 220 (not 110!) Volts, a cord with a plug through a fuse of 0.25 ampere. Insulate all connections carefully, fasten the fuse holder and cord well.
Place the panel in a small case, excluding contact with its parts, located on the back side.
Turn on the power plug. Try setting the shutter speed on the keyboard and starting the timer.When it ends, there will be three loud beeps.
If the buttons that are needed to set the timer have deteriorated and do not respond to pressing, disconnect the timer from the network, connect new buttons in parallel with them and place them on the case separately. Then close the case and check the operation of these buttons.
Before conducting classroom training, turn on the timer in the network and set the shutter speed to 45 minutes.

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